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So far this month since Jan. 1st we have been blessed and made $20,200 in profit!  I can honestly say this year is definately the year of the Tsunami for our team!  It can be for your team as well!  How have we become so successful while others have struggled?

It’s simple!  You reap what you sow so be honest and give it 110% all the time.  Then make sure every person you work with is properly trained!!!  That being said you can’t build a lucrative home business if they must rely on you completely for their training and support.  OUTSOURCE IT!  Just make sure once again it’s an honest training from someone who has done it and not some one just reporting on what they’ve heard works.  For our team we use Dani Johnson! 

Our Results proves it works!  Just read some other post on this blog and you will see.

ONE Tip to get more clients in your home business and make it lucrative this year!
Provide value with out selling!  Send this link to all your prospects TODAY!

What it takes to Succeed in a Lucrative Home Business in 2010!

People do not care until they know how much you care!

Have an Incredible Day
Stacy O’Quinn

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How do you know something works?  Just look for the results.  It’s that simple, if you are looking for a lucrative home business.  You have got to have proof of what is possible.

I’m not talking about paid actors or people who resemble results of someone else.  I mean REAL RESULTS.  For several reasons Dani Johnson and her training has been one of the most powerful trainings to create results.  Dani Johnson and First Steps to Success has made Coastal Travel a VERY Lucrative Home Business.

Day before yesterday Renae Heikkila and I sat down and in about 30 minutes not counting our own personal successes just start writing down the names of some of the people we’ve worked with and what happened to them after a Dani Johnson event.  Some of them will be with us in Denver January 15th-17th.  If you ever feel like you’ve found a Lucrative Home Business just look for the results that are real people that you can meet face to face and I’m not talking just one or two!

These are all people that we have worked with in Coastal Travel!  If you happen to be able to work with eany one of them you are very lucky!

Michelle from MO generated $9,705 in profit in less than 30 days after Dani Johnson event.

Lorraine Rodman from VA made $1,000 her first week returning from a Dani Johnson event.

Nike Roach made $1,000 in his first week after returning from a Dani Johnson event.

Shawn Schepple made $50,000 in 100 days following a Dani Johnson event.

Catherine Rupp stay home mom and made $34,000 in 90 days following a Dani Johnson event.

Lynn Fallon made $1,000 in one week following her first Dani Johnson event.

Stephanie Johnson made $42,000 more in her business than she was already making monthy following her first live event.

Jolynn Skarin made over $60,000 in 5 months following her first First Steps to Success event with Dani.

Tim West made his first $10,000 dollar month following a Dani event, this was a milestone he was unable to achieve prior.

Keri from SD was a waitress and in her previous her she made $8,000 all hear long.  After starting her Coastal Travel business she made $10,000 the month she came out of a Dani Johnson event.

Stephen Smith was a military dad who left the military and working 15 hours a week part time, he made $43,000 in 6 months following his first Dani training event.

John in PA made $9,600 his first month he came out of a live event.

Andrea from TX made $37,000 the month she went to a Dani Johnson event.  She quit her full time job in just 5 months of working from home.

Greg Jakoby was a waiter and dive instructor, no business experience, after going to a Dani event with our company he started making $10,000 monthly

Geneva from LA, stay home mom with 3 little boys made $30,000 the month after her first Dani Johnson event.  She went having no idea what she was going to expect.

Amanda from MO, made $19,400 in just 60 days following a Dani event.

Jamie, CA made $3,200 in profit in 2 days following her first Dani trainng event and went on to make $20,000 in the next two months.

Genean in KY, attended her first event just a few months ago and has consistently made over $3,500 a month since that event working part time as a stay at home Mom.

Shaundi Goins made $13,000 in 6 weeks and paid off $3,000 in debt in that same 6 weeks after attending a First Steps to Success event.

Jennifer MT made $94,000 her first year because she made a committment to get the specific training she needed from the beginning.

Emmanuel NM made $10,000 in one month following an event and also used the skills learned at that event to become totally debt free in 2 years.

Heather from VA went to her first Dani Johnson event and made $20,000 in the enxt 30 days.

Lyonel AZ, went to a live event and using just 1 tip he learned during that weekend, he made over $24,000 in profit in just 30 days

Cadie Kalmes went to her first Dani Johnson event before making the decision to get started with our company she got started and began making $7,000 a month with Coastal Travel.

Tara MI, went to her first Dani event before starting with our company but after that training she got started and generated $40,000 in just 3 months and quit her full time job.

Matt Pinter went to his first First Steps to Success and generated $6,400 in profit in his first 2 months after that event.

Ashley in FL, is actually deaf but after attending a Dani Johnson event with our company she made her first $1,000 in a week working from home.

Hilary Snyder, between our company training and attending her first event she profited $6,400 in just 6 weeks.

Jamie TX, went to a live training event and made $3,200 in just 30 days following that event.

David MN attended a live event and averaged $3,000 a month following a live event.

Bottom line if you are going to start a Lucrative Home Business training is MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING!  Your business is just the vehicle that allows you to put your business, opportunity or way to make money to good use.  There are lots of good trainings and infinate ways to build a lucrative income from home.  Remember look for the results and make sure they are real.

Many of us will be in Denver at Dani’s next event.   One thing that stood out to me 5 years ago is that I could actually go to a training event and physically meet all the people I worked with and these were ordinary people who had incredible success.  If you are own our team we look forward to seeing you in Denver.  Get your ticket Today!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

Many of my loyal readers already know that I’m looking to find 10 people who will become 6 Figure Income Earners this year.  I’ve written an article recently on what it takes to develop ten 6 Figure Income Earners so you can go there and read that.

We are barely into the new year and one thing is really starting to stand out too me.  Of all the people that I’ve talked to who want to succeed working from home and build a lucrative income, and it’s in the thousands.  Very few truly have the desire! No simple approach, technique or system can build that desire we each have to have it deep in us.  Lots of us have a lottery mentality on desire we think we want to do it.  Shoot a chance at a 6 Figure Income we will at least try it!  That’s crap!!!

Let me repeat that is CRAP!  You have never successfully tried anything in your life we either commit and do or we don’t.

I’ve been encouraging people who are deadly serious to join our team for some very specific training that we have not done in person together in over a year an a half.  Now that would require you to travel and that would require you to pay for your ticket to get into the training.  It’s about 200 dollars I believe.  But that training has equiped people like Stephen in LA to make $13,000 and Michelle in MO to make 14,000 in her next 40 hours of work.  It’s strategic, it’s dynamic and it’s extremely specific and it’s worth it.

Now talking about training I’ve literally had people say some of the craziest things to me.  Stacy, you want me to succeed and work with you; will you pay for my training?  HECK NO!  Did your boss pay for you to go to college?  Did we forget to mention I’m not your boss you are in business for your self.  Heck the reality is this is not MLM or some network marketing thing were I make money off of you indefinately IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!  You are self employed, you control your own life and you make your own 6 Figure Income and if you have that desire I’m sure just like you would pay for your own college degree you can pay 200 dollars to get training that has worked for so many others.

After the first few days in January there are 2 people that I’m extremely excited about both have been to DFI training or committed to going January 15th. The first is an incredible stay at home mom who is a Platinum Director and wanted to position her self there before the New Year!  Michelle Tascoe is absolutely incredible.  She is very specific and diligent in working her business.  She has one of the biggest hearts for other people and one of the reasons she will succeed is she truly cares about other people.  It’s not just a nice phrase she really means it.  Anyone working with her is truly blessed.

Joseph Abraham is another gentleman and the second person in less than a week I’m very excited for in the new year.  He is a dentist and driven.  Looking to create multipule streams of income he not only started his business but by the second day realized the value of training and will be joining us in Denver for the Dani Johnson/DFI training event.  Joseph is very methodical in how he approaches his business and one thing is for sure anyone working with him will know specifically what it takes to succeed.

Congrats to both Michelle and Joseph on starting the New Year off right!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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Robert Kiyosaki knows what it takes to create a Lucrative Home Business. As a well respected Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” He shares a very powerful concept in this video to building wealth. He even tells you if he had to start over today what he would do and why he would do it! If you have never seen this video watch it now all the way through.

There is a desire in you because something in your life is not exactly how you want it. You don’t have the wealth you deserve. You are tired of letting someone else control you! It doesn’t matter how you do it but if you want freedom you must BREAK FREE.

No one in bondage ever tasted FREEDOM!

Let’s Do Something Great Together
Stacy O’Quinn

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With today’s economy it is more important than ever to create a lucrative income from home and anyone can do it. But the first ingredients are the home business has to be legitimate, focused and intentional. Several key points we will discuss is how your training must be outsourced, your ego can’t be in the way and you must lead by example. And yes all this can be summed up in one simple tip and I’ll prove that too you as you continue to read.

Any training that has created a lucrative home business has guided people to become successful. The training process that you use has to be one that is simple and can’t be motivated from a point of manipulation. It has to be motivated from a place with a desire for each individual’s success. This is the number one reason we have and continue to outsource a lot of our training to Dani Johnson. Dani Johnson is not directly connected to your company so they only reason Dani Johnson can benefit is for you to succeed wildly. Dani’s training is the single biggest reason more people in our company has created a lucrative income far faster than most in the home business industry.

Second piece of creating a lucrative home business is your ego can’t be in the way. It is difficult often times for a person who has created success to defeat the temptation of not being the focal point of other’s attention. I heard a multi millionaire once say, “If you don’t care who gets the credit you can become unusually successful.” As you grow and as you look to build a very lucrative home business only look for those that are willing to point to the “expert” they learned from. Don’t become the expert! Create someone else with a track record as your expert not only does it create another avenue for training and learning but it creates third party credibility so a new person spends less time wandering if it works and does more doing.

Helping other people get what they want is the quickest way to get what you want. That’s a solid foundation to any lucrative income much less a lucrative home business. I don’t just recommend Dani Johnson in our company I follow what she teaches as well. I use her techniques, follow her example and know that it works because of the lucrative income we’ve created. Leading by example is not only fruit of true integrity it’s also attractive in the market place because it is all too often rare. If your training process works and your expert is legit then follow it yourself and lead by example.

So have you figured out that one tip yet? You know the one to help you have a lucrative home business? It’s simple! Promote! Promote what you do if you are leading by example because it should lead back to the expert. True promotion of a real process means you aren’t the end all be all and it means you can’t have an ego. And finally if you are outsourcing your training then of course you have to effectively promote your training. After all that should be the reason you are successful.

Stacy O’Quinn is a Christian Dad, Husband, Business Owner, Motivator and Business Developer. He currently focuses heavily on helping others create Six Figure Income from home. He’s assisted several already and believes that the biggest key is being a real person and providing real guidance to a new person just starting up. He openly provides tips and techniques to anyone looking to work from home and he has a vision of creating 10 New Six Figure Income Earners. If that is your desire than join him at

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