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Just over 19 weeks ago I had a vision.  That was to take a group of people who voluntarily would be accountable to their actions day by day and week by week.  You see based off of my own efforts and what I’ve learned I knew that success isn’t by accident.  Success is strategic and it takes specific action.  It’s frustrating just sitting around at the virtual water cooler on the phone sharing opinions, idea’s and theory on what it takes or should take to succeed.  For me I felt like if I could take a self selected group that volunteered and they were will to do some work we could create huge results!

Here are those people I’ve been honored to work with in the Executive Mentor Group and their results just keep growing!

True Leadership is what the following individuals exemplify

Hilary Snyder – Stay at Home Mom
Toni Cloud – Stay at Home Mom, church bookkeeper part-time
Mindy Sartin – Stay at Home Wife
Latisha Ware – Stay at Home Wife, recovering from the corporate world
Trish Roberts – Self Employed Photographer and Mom
Gary Mach – Farmer/Business Owner and Dad
Andrea Derego – Corp. Sales Rep for Network Security and Real Estate
Jenny Perales – Working Mom
Dianne McGuigan – Single Mom of 3
Dorothy Graham – Independent Business Woman
Mintra Lewis – Stay at Home Mom
Nancy Wall – Stay at Home Mom
Mary Lynn Sheppard – Stay Home Mom and Wife
Steve Sheppard – Laid Off from Corporate America and Dad
Heather Lefoil – Home Schooling Mom and Wife
Stacy O’Quinn – Stay at Home Dad, Yours Truly


These are ordinary people that are doing extraordinary things.  So often we see someone’s accomplishments and we complicate how difficult it must be.  The truth is often times success comes down to a simple decision.  That decision provides direction on your next step.  I did not charge any of these people a dime, most of them I could never earn a penny from any of their on travel packages.

But the inspiration and satisfaction I’ve gotten by watching their income grow, influence grow and impact grown has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  We will be expanding the executive mentor group very soon.  We just need to find those with a strong desire to change their current results and are willing to work for success.  Success is always possible just ask any of the current members of the executive mentor group.

If you happen to work with any of these individuals realize how lucky you are.  True Leadership is rare in the corporate world and the home business world.  Do as they do, not only as they say and follow Dani Johnson’s training with all you’ve got would be their advice I’m sure!

There will be openings in the Executive Mentor Group again.  The doors will open again soon.  Make sure you are working your Coastal Business with all you’ve got and you might qualify.   Stay tuned for more details if you are serious about your success.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Special Congrats to Mindy Sartin she also won our little contest by spreading the word and helping us stop human trafficking.  Here are the details of what we did

P.P.S.  Prospecting 101 Training continues here is the next Free Training Listen RIGHT NOW!  This could be the one piece keeping you from your results!

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The best thing about the lucrative home business industry is the kind of people you meet.  Real people with real desires to help others.  I’m sure there are always bad apples out there.  But the fact that birds of a feather flock together really means a lot.  While you could find several bad apples in one spot, there are armies of great people.  Personally I’d recommend you flock with people like Capri Mulder, Mindy Sartin and Caity Hunt.  HERE’S WHY!

Capri Mulder had an old childhood friend Jeffrey Pratt and she heard he had a need.  He needed a new kidney!  Instead of saying I’ll just pray for you or here’s a few bucks I hope it helps!  Heck NO!  She said we will spread the word and we will give it our all, we will mobilize people that are inspired by Jeffrey’s story as God tugs on their heart and we will come up with the needed $50,000.

Capri’s relentless dedication spreading the word inspired me to not just give and give big.  But I was inspired to take up the torch and carry it for a small section of the race to help Capri Mulder get the word out.  Here is how I did that!  Check this out.  That contest got 100’s of people inspired and they learned about Jeffrey and Capri’s Mission.  Two amazing business women, Mindy Sartin and Caity Hunt ran with it in a big way though.  For them it was bigger than that contest.  They inspired Coastal Travel, DFI, the All Star Team, Exec. Mentor Group, Dani Johnson community, Facebook, communities where they live and the world around them.  These women gave and gave and gave, spending hours of their time just looking to help someone else out.  SOMEONE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW!

Mindy Sartin and Caity Hunt proved who they really are.  The are inspirational in how they give back to others.  It’s not often you find anyone much less business leaders like them.  On behalf of Jeffrey, his family and Capri Mulder thank you Mindy Sartin and Caity Hunt you did impressively well.  Thankfully the home business industry has leaders like you.  Birds of a feather flock together and I’m glad in this industry I get to flock with people like Dani Johnson, Capri Mulder, Mindy Sartin and Caity Hunt.

Money and Time are simply tools.  IF you don’t use it for good what is it all for?  You can have the most lucrative home business in the world but then what would you do with it?


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Mindy won the FB contest and Caity came in without a doubt an honorable second place!

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