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How to Make Money in 2013

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This year I will be focused on building a solid business; bigger, better, more impactful and helpful with strategic steps than ever before.  And after coming back from the Orphanage in Belize that my family and I got to help some amazing kids over Christmas.  It is our goal to build an army that can help those less fortunate.  We can make a much bigger difference as a team versus one on one.

But the key is MONEY.  It’s not everything but to travel, to help and to give it definitely makes life easier.  To work from home and be successful there has to be a simply, step by step approach. It must be lucrative so you can put money in your pocket FAST.  There has to be constant support to smooth out the edges of a new person’s learning curve.  There has to be advanced support one on one to develop the skills you will need as your income and influence increases.  What ever you do must be proven with a solid track record and real results.  


In the past I’ve helped people like…

Toni Cloud in OK a mom who just made over $5,000 this month

Michelle Tascoe in CA a stay at home mom who just made over $19,400 this month

Michelle Mast in SC another stay at home mom who will be my next six figure income earner who I just helped close $13,000 in the last few weeks. 

Each one of these moms should make 6 figures in 2013. 

How does it feel to be in debt?  How will you pay it off?  How long will it take?  Can you create the income and lifestyle you want with the job you have?  Can you make a lot more by just getting a different job?  Would that make you happy?

You see each of these moms now have the ability to not only create income, each of them have paid off 10’s of 1,000s in debt already.  But they live a non traditional lifestyle.  What do I mean by non traditional?  They don’t have to live with the constant pressure of debt, stress, and lack of freedom always working.  None of these moms work more than 30hrs a week and many weeks they work WAY LESS.  They actually get to be a mom and wife to awesome men that I’ve also gotten the pleasure to know.

In 2013 I will be looking to create 10 brand new 6 Figure Income Earners.  Will you be one of them?  Do you have solid plans on how you can do that on your own?  Each year for the last 7 years I’ve helped to develop new 6 figure income earners.  This year, we are taking it to a whole new level.  To learn how to become a 6 figure income earner regardless if you are a a stay at home mom or a business professional.  Subscribe to this blog and I’ll send you a strategic goal planning worksheet that I use for my own business.

Also stay tuned I will be releasing more details of my over all plans for those I work with.  One of the things I’m going to be doing is a luxury vacation invitational with my family and I to get specific one on one guidance and coaching on where you are in your business after your first couple of months and you’ve learned the basics.  If you are brand new, you can get this invitation to coaching just by joining me on this venture.  This isn’t for my financial gain, it’s for yours. Stay tuned…


Here’s to 2013 being better than 2012.
Stacy O’Quinn

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Moms Know Failure Leads to Success

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When we start working from home for the first time or do anything brand new often times we experience failure.  Moms understand this very well because usually they are the ones that taught us a lot of first in our lives.  Could you imagine what your life would be like if the first time you were learning to go to the restroom and failed and your mom gave up teaching you?  What about if the first time you were learning to walk and fell down what if your mom stopped teaching you?  Today you don’t have to walk around with a big bulky diaper on or crawl everywhere because moms understand that failure ultimately leads to success.

Since moms have proven this example over and over again.  How come throughout life we’ve all benefitted from this model but we never adopt it.  Look at our marriages, careers and financial goals in life.  How many people wait till they hit one barrier to give up or quit.  Why is our divorce rate so high in our country?  Some of us choose a dead in job so we don’t have to deal with the challenge of going after more.  We get in this comfort zone.  Many of us have the desire to be our own boss, own our own business and/or work from home entirely but we had one bad experience or we are afraid of a bad experience so we stop working towards our goals.  Did we learn to pee right the first or second time?  Good thing mom stuck in there with us!

Being an entrepreneur, starting any business working for ourselves requires that mom trait.  Knowing that the end result is going to be better than were we are.  Understanding that we learn through failure and without failure we cannot succeed.  We can’t learn what to do right if we are afraid of what could go wrong.  Listen we have to be smart, we need to make sure the right tools are in place for success but at the end of the day we have to make the choice to succeed.  When we make that choice we choose just like mom did to never give up and press on till we get it right!

Thanks Mom,
Stacy O’Quinn

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