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Mark Paskin was a member of a poor family living in Madison, Wisconsin. Paskin worked to pay for his University of Wisconsin education. After graduating, he used all the money he had (a whopping $1,000) to make a down payment for a duplex. This began a career in buying and selling real estate, which lasted for 35 years.

A small investment eventually became a portfolio that included retail properties, office buildings, industrial buildings, and apartment complexes. Paskin owned properties from Florida, Texas, and Nevada to California. A $1,000 investment became more than $100 million. The San Diego Tribune even dubbed him “The Donald Trump of San Diego.”

Paskin currently resides in California and is the president of Paskin Properties, which is a division of a private real estate investment and management company appropriately named The Paskin Group. He is also a highly demanded speaker, presenting at companies and universities all over the globe. Paskin shares his knowledge with others, motivating them with stories of his humble beginnings and advice about earning money with real estate.

Paskin is a well-rounded individual, enjoying snow skiing, traveling, and quality time with his family. Once a radio disc jockey, this real estate mogul is prone to dressing up as Elvis and singing karaoke at local bars. He is fun but has a serious head for business and places high priority on giving, which is what made him a natural choice for the first season of Secret Millionaire on ABC television.

Now 61, this multimillionaire wants to “die broke.” He believes that once you have made a lot of money and bought what you want, there is no need to keep more of it. Though he still works on huge real estate deals, he is also currently giving away his fortune to worthy causes and people in need. His charity involvement includes the Juvenile Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, and Shiley Eye Center at UCSD. Paskin gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Participating in Secret Millionaire gave Paskin the chance to donate approximately $125,000 of his fortune to volunteers working in inner city Detroit. He believes that everyone should give back in some way, whether with their time or money, because this will make the world a better place. As for himself, Paskin says that his participation in the show made him more thankful for his health and lifestyle and more sensitive to the many people who are not as fortunate

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In 1998, brothers John and Scott Ferber co-founded, which became one of the largest interactive marketing services companies in the world. The company built the most advanced advertising targeting platform in its industry, mastering targeting algorithms and blazing the way with price per action online advertising techniques like cost per click. In 2004, AOL Time Warner acquired the company for $495 million, one of the most lucrative deals in the online advertising sector.

By 2007, Ferber had begun focusing on philanthropy and identifying unique ways to help people in need via the Internet. He wanted to connect people who had financial resources with those who were in need, a concept referred to as crowd funding. This led him to found the Micro Giving Foundation, a company that is changing the online face of charitable giving. The organization currently has an online community of more than 50,000 people and growing.

The Microgiving website uses the same person-to-person lending concept as sites like Prosper but focuses on charitable giving to people in immediate need. People use their personal fundraising page to raise money online. Fundraisers focus on a variety of causes or hardships including funerals, medical treatments, personal projects, and school initiatives. To reach potential supporters, users upload address books, photos, and videos. In the past year, the Foundation began working with the film and music industries so aspiring artists can fundraise and promote their efforts.

Ferber developed an online community where donors and recipients directly connect. Therefore, it made sense to include him in the inaugural season of Secret Millionaire, an ABC television show dedicated to in-person giving. Ferber spent time in the largest homeless community in Los Angeles, known as Skid Row. He says the experience “completely opened” him “to the power of hope.”

During his time on the show, Ferber saw how even the most challenging circumstances are not enough to squash positive change resulting from hard work. He plans to continue working with some of the folks he met, helping them to improve their communities. He also recently branched into the domain sector as co-founder of Domain Holdings Group.

This millionaire is keeping himself busy with his new business venture. The company aspires to become the ultimate provider of management solutions throughout the domain life-cycle. In an industry that is in its infancy, Ferber just might come out a winner once again. In the meantime, Microgiving and Ferber’s personal charitable efforts continue helping those in need.

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Scott Jacobs and his teenage daughter, Alexa, will appear on the season three premiere of the ABC hit television show Secret Millionaire. The episode is scheduled to air on June 3 at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT. Just who is Scott Jacobs? Only about the most famous Harley-Davidson artist in the world. The art he creates, which includes posters, paintings, canvas prints, and giclees, is dubbed photo-realist due to its intricate details.

Scott has worked professionally as an artist for 20 years. However, he initially approached the art sector from a different angle, becoming one of the youngest art gallery owners ever at just 19 years old. Scott’s interest in art developed during his high school years, when he worked on his school newspaper as an artist. Though he did not initially pursue a career as an artist, that all changed when his wife gifted him a paint set.

Soon, Scott was painting the motorcycles and cars he admired for years. The public began buzzing when a New York art show featured several of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle paintings. Harley-Davidson executives also took notice, eventually awarding him the honor of becoming the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist in 1993. Scott soon began adding classic cars, wine and spirit still-life paintings, and lifestyle images to his repertoire.

Multiple organizations have made Scott their officially licensed artist, including Elvis Presley Enterprises, the Hot Wheels Race Team from Mattel, and the Corvette Division of Chevrolet Motor Company. Scott added publisher to his list of accomplishments in 2004 when he created Scott Jacobs Studio. Other notable achievements include serving as official artist for the Sturgis motorcycle rally 17 times and creating the best-selling Franklin Mint collector plate to feature a Harley-Davidson.

The crowning achievement in Scott’s art career occurred in 1998, when he received the Lifetime Achievement in Fine Art Vargas Award. This honor is akin to an Oscar for an actor. Approximately 83 countries now display Scott’s work and his creations are even featured on tin signs and art to wear apparel.

The biggest challenge of Scott’s life may be yet to come when he and Alexa travel to Newark, New Jersey, to volunteer their time and efforts to local charities. By the end of the episode, this father and daughter team must reveal themselves and decide which causes are worthy of a portion of Scott’s fortune. We are already on the edge of our seats!


What Inspires You?

Stacy O’Quinn

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James Malinchak has spent much of his life assisting and serving others. He runs a training, coaching, consulting, and seminar business and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. His business was recently featured in Millionaire Blueprints, a business publication, and Malinchak is one of the highest paid and sought-after marketing consultants in the United States. In addition, he is a top-selling author and has been featured on the big screen.

Before creating his current business, Malinchak experienced success as a financial advisor. People started asking him to deliver business growth and motivational speeches. As a motivational and business speaker, Malinchak is now considered one of the best. He has delivered more than 2,200 presentations to colleges, universities, business organizations, associations, and corporations worldwide and has worked with an assortment of professional athletes and celebrities.

At one point, other speakers began asking Malinchak to share his techniques. In response, he became a business marketing coach, creating what is referred to as “The #1 Big Money Speaker Training” program. Malinchak competed against 80 other people for 2008-2009 GKIC Marketer of the Year and took home the title. He was one of only 50 experts featured in Pass It On, a 2007 movie about steps the leaders of today took to achieve success. This seven-figure earner has also authored 16 books and products, including co-authoring Chicken Soup for the College Soul.

In a mere eight months, Malinchak helped raise more than $350,000 for various charitable organizations, contributing $160,000 himself. Malinchak appeared on the inaugural season of the ABC hit television show, Secret Millionaire. Initially, he was hesitant to participate but once the producers helped him understand that the true intention was to inspire hope in the average person, he was one hundred percent committed.

This millionaire attributes much of his inspiration in life to his sister Vicki, who lost her life to a brain tumor. He also credits Secret Millionaire, which allowed him to interact with some amazing people. In his words, his exposure to those who serve and give impacted his heart and soul. He hopes that his involvement inspires real-life heroes to continue their worthwhile efforts.

Malinchak believes that giving to others is the greatest gift anyone can provide. Whether time, money, or skills are offered, the feeling of making a positive different is unrivaled. This millionaire said Secret Millionaire taught him that being rich is more than having money. It seems he took away as many valuable lessons as he provided.

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You may not recognize the names Gary and Diane Heavin, but you are probably familiar with Curves International, Inc., the company they founded. Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world and Gary and Diane are considered express fitness innovators. The first Curves was opened in 1992 and since then, more than four million women across the globe have exercised at a Curves location.

The Heavins found success with the first club they opened in Harlingen, Texas. They opened a second successful club and then began taking an untapped market by storm. The couple knew they needed assistance to help the millions of women who wanted to exercise in a comfortable and supportive environment. So, they franchised the business. In 1995, the first independently owned and operated facility opened in Paris, Texas. The concept was hugely popular and franchises quickly popped up all over the country.

Curves became the fastest growing franchise business in history. The Heavins even found success writing a book about their company, which became a New York Times bestseller. This gave them the confidence to take Curves international. Today, there are almost 10,000 Curves clubs operating in more than 70 countries. Among its many accolades, Curves has been called the number one fitness franchise.

This couple is not selfish with their profits. They are considered two of the largest philanthropists in the Central Texas area. They fund female health education and healthcare, adoption services, prevention of family abuse, and much more. Curves Food Drive is an annual corporate giving event that raised more than 11 million pounds of food in 2006. The Curves Charity Match program encourages franchise owners to participate in local corporate giving.

In 2011, the Heavins were featured on Secret Millionaire, the breakout ABC television show. They spent six days in the Third Ward of Houston, an area stricken by poverty, living in a one-bedroom apartment and surviving on only $6.50 per day. Their search for community members in need led them to donate $100,000 to the Lazarus House wellness center, $60,000 to No More Victims organization, and $250,000 to the Sean Ashley House for autistic children.

The Heavins remember the feeling of being unsure of whether a paycheck would come. They also recognize the importance of volunteering. They continue to take a personal approach with their giving, doing things like flying a plane filled with doctors and supplies to Haiti and participating in home builds for Habitat for Humanity.

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ABC’s Secret Millionaire Ali Brown

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For good reason, Ali Brown is commonly called by the name “Ezine Queen.” She is becoming the voice of women and the face of successful business. Brown works in the direct marketing industry and is CEO and founder of Ali International LLC, an organization that empowers female entrepreneurs all over the world. She began her first venture in 1999 in her small New York City apartment and has since developed a 50,000-plus member following in her on and offline programs.

During the past three years alone, Brown has received numerous honors. In 2009, her company was ranked on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. The following year, she was included in the Ernst & Young Class of Entrepreneurial Winning Women and Enterprising Women magazine named her their Enterprising Woman of the Year. Brown also won the Stevie® Award for Women Helping Women and the Step Up Women’s Network Commitment to Philanthropy award.

Business News Daily has dubbed her “The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” and Forbes included her on their Women to Watch list. Brown has been a featured expert in both Investor’s Business Daily and the New York Post. She has also received exposure on various morning television shows, ABC News Now, E!, and Fox Business Network. Her feature role on the season one finale of ABC television show Secret Millionaire was arguably her largest exposure to-date.

It all started in 1998, when Brown made the bold decision to become an entrepreneur. Being a millionaire did not come easily because she had no one to guide her. At one point, she had less than $20 in her bank account. However, she persevered, immersing herself in books about marketing and how to achieve success.

Brown taught herself how to grow her business through online marketing. Trusting that she was on the right path, she used email newsletters, also called e-zines, to market her business. Her efforts landed her projects with big players like Dunn & Bradstreet and Scholastic Books. Other women began asking her questions about her achievements, which led her to create an e-book explaining how to use e-zines to achieve business success.

The success of this venture led Brown to offer entrepreneurial business, success, and marketing strategies. She then developed seminars, programs, events, and courses. Brown mentored women business owners and eventually created Elevate®, a membership program that provides coaching and education for beginning and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Who will be on ABC’s Secret Millionaire this year?  ABC’s Secret Millionaire is a must see for anyone looking to build a lucrative income working from home.  Last year Dani Johnson was the premier episode and her training in and of itself has helped many make a 6 figure income up to 7 figures.  It does not appear that there has been a line up released of who is going to be on the show this year.  Based off of last year you can assume it is going to be mostly  entrepreneurs many of which started out of their own homes or worse.

Like Dani Johnson on last year’s first episode she started out of the trunk of her car and a telephone booth.  The show highlights successful millionaires and shows them giving back but the people they help initially have no idea how successful they are.  As an a viewer of the show we can not only be inspired by wealthy people giving back but learning a little about each of their stories we can learn more about what is possible for us.

Dani is just one example but her training  has allowed me to make a multiple 6 figure income.  Every single person I’ve been able to help in business that were able to make a 6 figure income also plugged into her training.  But by surrounding yourself with successful people you also gain the belief on what is possible for you.  That’s more important than the training.  Once you KNOW IF you have the proper training you can succeed, then you will be able to achieve success.

Stay tuned and lets learn!

If you know who will be in the line up this year on ABC’s Secret Millionaire please leave a comment and let us know?


To Your Success,

Stacy O”Quinn

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