Teach People How To Make More Money Than You


As a Leader, Authority Figure or Influencer your biggest desire should always be looking for people who’s success can eventually surpass your own.  It must be a daily practice!  If your influence is going to grow then you must help other people succeed beyond what they ever imagined.  It takes two things, first your example (you must practice what you preach) and second your encouragement (at times they will think about giving up on themselves) because they will need both on the path to success.

Daily you must be looking for people who have potential, drive and desire.  Success at times doesn’t feel easy it will take that one person who is hungry.  It will be that Mom who does not want to stress over buying Christmas presents for jer kids ever again.  It will be that person who is tired of the oppression of their debt weighing them down.  It will be that mom who is not satisfied feeling the burden of being at a job with her boss more than at home with her kids and husband.

It will be someone like Natalie White (DFI’s Hero of the Month) or Michelle Tascoe.  Both are strong women that know what they want out of life and they are going to get it.  Before I met Michelle she was single, stressed out burnt out, credit cards in collections and car repossessed.  Today she is a bold woman, happily married to a very talented man, mom of two adorable boys and recently bought their first home.  Natalie I still remember where I was standing the day she called me and told me she was ready to start working together.  She called on my cell while I was visiting some friends in FL.  She is a teacher (admirable career but seriously under paid) and knew that she was not going to get to where she wanted financially and when she had kids she wanted to be home with them.  Today she is a mom and retired from teaching in her early 30’s.

Natalie White and Michelle Tascoe both were extremely easy to work with.  They understood their job was to obviously market a product but if you aren’t helping people it is a waste of time.  They got it!  Daily they are helping people and daily the 3 of us are in the trenches.  They have never stopped leading by example, the people blessed to work with them know that.  Michelle and Natalie will not teach you what to do they are showing you!

Natalie and Michelle are true leaders.  It is real leadership to lead by example and they know that not every day is great.  If you are going to get the best out of someone you must believe in them even when they may doubt.  Natalie and Michelle are both two different moms on the same track.  Those Moms have changed their families lives already forever! I have been lucky enough to work with with them the last few years.  I know I’ve found two people with the potential to make my success look like a tiny grain of sand on the beach compared to what they can now do.  I know they are looking for someone to make more money than them.

Maybe if you are lucky enough one of them will call you in 2012!  It would be the best phone call you could ever get.


To Their Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


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