Teach People the Basics


And never forget the basics yourself.  One of the things people seem to forget to teach a new person in a home business or any home business is how to do the basics.  First it must be SIMPLE, second it has to create proven results because you do it and finally you can’t give someone theory or ideas you must show them HOW, period.

The worse thing that that can happen for your business is get someone started with out training!  It’s bad for your business, their business and your reputation.  Many people say they don’t have time for the basics and they are trying to teach some kind advanced concepts to their new people.  But remember if someone wants to play basketball they have to learn to dribble first.  Michael Jordan was one of the best ever but he’d never be able to score a single point with out knowing how to dribble.

For me I teach the basics to my newest person not just once but over and over again.  This year I’m starting something new call jumpstart training.  All of my new people we are going to do a 4 week training simply covering the basics answering questions and getting results as fast as possible. 

At First Steps this weekend it just hit me why am I only wanting to see 10 new people become 6 figure income earners this year.  Why not 20 or 30+ new people why not you, make 6 figures.  Our impact should always be growing, and our influence and effort for others should to.  That’s how we change the world we live in.  Teaching the basics from the beginning and time and time again.  I’m stoked for this new jump start training and I can’t wait!  Its going to be amazing!

See you in that training soon!
Stacy O’Quinn

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