Teaching Christians How to Make a 6 Figure Income


Nothing happens by accident and everything has a purpose.  You may or may not believe in that, but what is most important is what you do with what happens to you.  You are reading this and as you read this article or many others on this blog what we do with the information is up to us.  What kills me most is the Christian community who has a choice and infinite possibilities that never takes action!  We often pray and pray for opportunity but when it comes we never embrace it.  We either look at it and spend days, weeks or months figuring out how to makes something that we are not even acting on or doing…. better???  Or worse yet we know the Creator,  Great Designer and Provider but we don’t even take advantage of the opportunity he places in front of us!

I’m absolutely humbled and grateful I’ve been invited as a keynote speaker for Gateway Ministries at the Gateway Chapel in the United Kingdom by Pastor Eddie Iduoze. Pastor Eddie has a passion to minister and encourage Christians in business.  God planted a vision in him years ago and opened doors and he as a human had to take risk to start his ministry.  Guess what?  He had challenges and had to take risk as well even as a Pastor.  But he took those risk because he knew and had faith in the ultimate Provider.  Because of his faith he has become a Pastor of Pastors and touched 1,000’s of lives and 100’s of ministries with an emphasis on business and raising up Christian Leaders in the business world!  Pastor Eddie is a Pastor that leads by example even in how he’s built his ministry.

If you are going to be in the United Kingdom April 23rd 7-9pm then join us at Gateway Chapel, call for details in the UK 0800 077 6568 or email stacydfi@gmail.com.  Join us for a night of worship, encouragement and specific biblical teaching to succeed.  The Bible is the best success book ever written so let’s learn together what God says specifically about business and how to succeed.  If he is the Great Provider (which I know he is and so should you), then his Word obviously gives us specific instructions on how to be successful in not just marriage, life, parenting but also business.

To Your Success and God Bless!
Stacy O’Quinn

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