Teaching Someone to Work from Home


It’s gotta be simple!  Think back before GPS and you got directions from someone, remember how there were those people that could seem to make driving directions sound difficult?  Dani Johnson teaches how to create a lucrative income from home with any home business but part of her system which is proven (I’m part of the proof) is it is simple.

Simplicity is the only thing you can duplicate, not personality, not salesmanship and not complicated or fancy processes.  If you are going to develop someone from 0 to HERO you have to show how to learn a new skill or process.  A simplistic system and process that is proven and can be learned very quickly to create results.  One of the things you will hear from someone new is, I can’t belief it’s this easy?

That’s a good objection to have to over come!  I recently have been working with a small group of people 19 to be exact and together we have generated $118,515 dollars in profit in 6 weeks.  You may be wandering how does a group of new people many of which have been working less than a year make that kind of money from home?  The answer is it has to be as simple as A B C.  All new people you train will tend to needlessly change or adjust Dani Johnson’s recipe for success.  YOU SHOULD NEVER CHANGE IT.  It works and if you can prove it and show it not only will you have results but you will always keep the results coming!

Here are some words of wisdom from some of the people I’m blessed to work with.  People that GET IT!  True leadership that practices what they preach, that’s an interesting concept at times!

“Simple requires less ego” Lawrence Scott

“Simple is the for formula for success!”
( if it wasn’t for it being simple ~ it wouldn’t get done!) Trish Roberts

“K.I.S.S. ( Keep It’s System Simple)” Trish Roberts

“Success is simple” (and so is this saying!) Steve Shepherd

“We Follow Direction to Simple Success!” Dianne McGuigan

“Don’t over think it, just follow directions and success will be simple.” Mindy Sartin

“Read the Flippin’ Script it’s Simple” Heather LeFoll

“Success is simple~Find someone who has what you want and do what they do :)” Toni Cloud

“Simple is to go back to our youth where we believed in everything and we could do all things. As adults we think too much making everything difficult. We must have childlike faith”. Christina Moyer

It is an honor to have had the privilege to watch each of you grow and your results prove it.  Thank God Dani Johnson taught us in a very literal way how to do this.

You can help people have success if you remember it’s not about you or your skill/ego.  Just keep it straight forward and easy for people to understand when they are learning something new.  Remember your job is to “teach/lead” you should be there for your newest people. Good Luck.

To Your Success!
Stacy O’Quinn

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