Thank You For Caring


Today I have the over whelming privilege of traveling to one of the poorest countries on earth. As I type this this morning I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with the thought of how so many on the earth we live in struggle for simple needs of life.  Things like food, water and shelter.  Then there are the deeper struggles like the energy to continue even in despair,  not having a mom and dad that love you and the deep desire to know you as a human have value and are loved.  These struggles are not race specific, they are not country specific but rather they are human survival specific. 

Today, as I have the joy of traveling to Haiti, to represent some of the most amazing people in communities I’m blessed to be a part of from my family, to First Steps to Success, business communities and beyond today we get to let a nation and a people know that they are cared for and loved.  The needs are so massive that for one individual but it only takes one to make a difference to another.  Just like the one person who has helped you in your time of need, we thank them as a token of all those who helped others, maybe just a simple act of kindness or maybe they donated 50 cent because it’s all they had when they saw a need and wanted to help.  We are designed to care one another, it’s part of our make up.

The best news is there are people out there who are used all over the world for good and want to make difference. It’s in this article today I want to celebrate whose who have given back.  The men, women, and children of the world that still show the power of God’s love with one selfless act.  IF someone has had one positive impact on you “like” this article and say “Thank You”.  It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your own personal struggles have been because if you live on planet earth long enough you’ve had a season of pain.  Encourage that simple act of kindness, by just sharing this article and saying Thank You!

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Stacy O’Quinn

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