Thanks Jodi Stott, Kimber King and Kathy Humpherys


I just got this video from Kimber King, Jodi Stott had made if from the last “Building a Dynasty” event with Dani Johnson. While it was a powerful event, it was also fun and entertaining. Jodi Stott and Kimber King are both on Kathy Humpherys’s team in a different organization. But here’s the deal, these ladies are amazing leaders and mentor’s. If you happen to currently be working with this team they have genuine hearts and if you follow them step by step you can not help but to succeed.

IF you get the chance to talk to one of them for just a few moments consider yourself BLESSED. Many people would be grateful for just a few minutes of their time.

Thanks for the memories guys, Jodi and Kimber… Have you found Brittney yet?

The ending with TOM CHALLAN is too funny! TOM, you inspired this post!!!

Tom Challan is an amazing person and awesome leader as well. Talk about a success story! If you ever have the chance to work with him, consider yourself lucky!

Thanks a Ton!

Stacy O’Quinn


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