The #1 Reason You Will Fail Working from Home?


In today’s economy people are flocking to the home based business industry.  People want to be their own boss, spend time with their family, pay off their debt, stop struggling and be free from having to worry.  But most people who start working from home will fail.  Usually it’s the result of a confusion of excitement and belief.  Have you ever got excited about something and bought it?  Then left it in the closet with the tag on it for months or even years?  Have you ever bought something from and infomercial and then got it and put it away without opening the box?  People do that with a home business as well.  We can’t change those people.  But there are a lot of people who fail simply from belief alone.  They feel it is too difficult and they can’t do it!

Your home business must be simple.  The process that the person at the top follows who are making 100’s of thousands has to be the same as the person just getting started.  If the way to succeed is all about a leader’s personality then no new person can duplicate that.  The process to make money has to be so simple anyone can do it.  And it has to be conveyed to a new person that is just getting started that it is that simple.  When a new person can fully understand exactly how money is made in your home business and they feel they can do it they will go to work and succeed.

If you are a leader or you are training new people, you can’t make it complicated and it has to be simple.  As soon as a person mentally can believe it is simple and they can do it they will go to work and quickly begin to have success.  Success is never complicated and we can’t make it complicated.  Within our company brand new people create an income using the exact same steps that I use and have used to create $89,000 part time this year.  A brand new person, reads the same scripts I read and uses the same websites I use and we get our clients through the same advertising companies.

Proof is Eddie in London, he just recently started with our company and in the last 6 weeks he has generated $9,000 dollars working part time since he and I have been working together.  He took action because he understood how simple it is and believed he could do it.  Make sure your new people feel the same way.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


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