The Challenges of Being Self-Employeed

Being self-employed and working from home is really a struggle. I just got back from an awesome week of vacation down in Orlando Florida with many of the people I work with.  Today I’m home and because of our nontraditional lifestyle of work from home and traveling.  I’m leaving tomorrow to go to Haiti in support of some work we’ve been contributing to down there with “Food for the Poor” and “Kings Ransom Foundation”.  How is it possible to travel so much?

Let me say there really are challenges it’s not all a cake walk.  First when you can travel super cheap it’s a challenge because you are limited to 365 days a year and we can’t change that.  Second when you have no boss that tells you when you can vacation and when you can take that 2 weeks a year it really comes down to having too many choices of when and how long.  Finally, when you home school your kids and they have a schedule not to mention the bank and post office are only open at certain times then you have to work around those factors….it’s tough!

First of all since I work in the travel industry and part of my benefits are to travel super cheap it can be challenging, to determine where to go.  Our family loves different cultures, we love the beach, we love the mountains and my wife and I love romantic getaways.  So it’s almost like choice over load.  It’s a struggle but we some how muscle through it. 

Here is a sample video of our discount vs expedia and accommodations down in Orlando.

The other struggle, since we can do all of our work over the internet and we are completely self employed it really is a challenge do we want to be gone for 7 days, 8 days how about 9 or 10.  Last year we went on a trip for 28 days.  So every time we say we want to go on a new trip or adventure the next question is always well for how long?  Not having the traditional limitations really does give you a lot to think about.

Finally there are the struggle of other people’s limitations.  Having so much freedom we forget that we have to operate on other people’s timelines like when the bank is open or post office because we need to make a deposit or receive a payment because we are still working this whole time.  Also my kids have a schedule as well, my wife does an awesome job home schooling them but we still have to determine which days we get their school in and which days we don’t.  The good news for us is our kids are learning a non traditional lifestyle as well so they will choose to do school on Saturday because the them parks may not be as crowded on Monday or Tuesday.

So it really comes down to this.  The biggest challenge of being truly self employeed or having a small business working from home is learning to live a non traditional lifestyle with out the traditional limitations.

To a non-traditional life,
Stacy O’Quinn