The Economy is Slipping What Should You Do?


The Economy is slipping what should you do about it? First we have to understand what is causing this and how will it affect us. One of the biggest issues at hand is the looming potential collapse of the US Dollar.

Why will this happen according to Kirk Elliot who has a PhD in economics and has studied our economy for over 25 years is that we have printed more money than most of the major events of our time cost in today’s dollars. We have printed 4.2 trillion dollars in 6 months.

In today’s dollars when you figure in inflation Kirk stated, “That’s more than the US Government spent on the New Deal, Korean War, First Gulf War, War on Terrorism, what it took to put a man on the moon and NASA’s entire budget combined that’s only 3.1 Trillion Dollars in today’s money.

We have created 1.1 Trillion Dollars out of thin air. What will happen according to Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute? He says, “It is a matter of time before the US Dollar becomes worthless due to hyper-inflation.” They only way to turn this around is massive interest rate hikes up too 20-30% and stop printing money. Neither of which is going to happen. For obvious reasons. Mr. Celente, predicts that best case scenario America will be using a new currency by 2010 and the dollar will reset against that new currency.

That will create an environment where most Americans will lose at least 25-50% of their wealth and many more will lose everything based off of where they are vested financially.

So what should you do about it?

First of all don’t sit around with your head in the sand pretending that nothing is happening. Second find a way to liquidate any investment you have in Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds (the bond market will collapse soon according to Mr. Celente) and any other intangible asset. Make as much liquid money as you possible can and leverage your buying power (while you still have it) into something that will always have value even if the dollar goes down to nothing.

Take your money and put it into something tangible, like raw land or prescious metals gold and sliver.

The good news for each of us in DFI is the huge profit margin we have a massive cushion. When you make up to 9,705 dollars on each transaction and that’s more than most people make in a week. You get an opportunity to prepare yourself. Pay off debt or get out of a tight situation and start preparing yourself fast. When hyper inflation starts people will be flocking to us, right now we are ahead of the curve. Don’t sit around and waste time, be diligent prepare yourself for this rocky economy and let’s ROLL!

Blessing to you and your family,
Stacy O’Quinn

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