The Hidden Info on How to Start Working From Home


If you have ever wanted to know how to work from home there are things at first glance no one ever tells you about.  Maybe you are just looking from some extra income.  Possibly you could be chasing a 6 Figure Income.  Maybe you want to lower your stress and your debt and actually have some money at the end of the month versus more month at the end of the money.

Either way when you first want to learn how to work from home there are things that no one tells you.  Typically what you hear is all the things they think you want to hear.  Personally I believe if you are serious you what to know all the specifics to be successful, good bad and ugly.  There are 3 things that are often left out things like it does take hard work to make good money,  there will be cost associated with making a lot of money and there are times you will not be able to focus on your family.

First, of all it takes really hard work to be successful.  Working from home you are normally self employed and even though you don’t have to take a daily commute on the highway you still have to commute even if’ it’s down the hall way.  Most people give the impression that you are just going to prop your feet up beside your new pool or at the beach and the money is going to be rolling in on your laptop.  The truth is you have to work hard so you can play hard.  When you are in the office you should be focused on work so when you are at the beach  (you will get more than 3 weeks a year) you are not focused on the office.  But you do get to pick your “beach” days and that work is totally worth it.

Second, if you are working from home normally you will have various start up cost that are basic to just being self employed.  Not only that when you make money you will need an accountant, someone will have to explain the advanced tax strategies that the IRS allows once you make over 200,000 a year.  You will have to pay for expert advice to learn how to put 49,000 in a tax deferred account in a safe harbor 401K for instance.  There are expenses to making money, but you can pay an expert to teach you how to properly structure or you can stay broke and never learn?  I choose the first option but it’s up to you?

Finally, to be successful you will have to spend time away from your family.  Today about 3pm this afternoon I took my daughter Alexis out for some father/daughter time together.  She emphatically shared with me that I work too much she wants me to spend even more time with her.  The fact is I work about 25 hours a week and make 6 figures and I still wish I had more time with my family.  The ones you love you will always want to spend more time with you but to be successful you must work, the key is you get to choose exactly when you do work.

As you learn how to work from home, you will see that it is rewarding but at the end of the day if it’s legitimate and lucrative it will not be paradise.  There will be extra expenses you actually do have to work some and yes you don’t get to work on the beach daily but you get to choose how often and when you take time off and hang out with your family.  If you are prepared for the real deal it can be a great time!

Good Luck and God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn

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