The Hole in Dani Johnson’s Training


You’ve been looking high and low, you’ve read the stories you seen the “hype” so you think and you are looking for the hole in the methods that Dani Johnson teaches.  I’ve finally found the hole in the proverbial boat so let me guide you to it and then you can see why it’s all a scam.

Dani Johnson has on her website thousands of testimonies and comments through out it of people paying off debt, cutting back their hours, making more money, having more fun in life, making 6 and 7 figures and overall success stories of people living life versus life living them.  You have probably read and seen so of these stories it almost feels like if you go to one of her training events or buy one of her products success is GUARENTEED???

One thing about the results and testimonies you read at Dani Johnson dot com is they are all voluntarily written and submitted.  They do keep track of them as they are submitted by clients and that’s reasonable.  Face it, if it was your company and people were so compelled by the results they achieved they wanted to write you and tell you about it would you share it with the viewing public? 

Granted the only way I know this is because I’ve felt compelled to share with them in a written format about how much debt we paid off (292,000 dollars). And how much we made last year (over a quarter of a million dollars) as well as how much we’ve given away in the last 18 months to help the poor and orphans (around 51,000 dollars). I’ve seen them use part of my THANK YOU notes and comments different places in their own marketing.  I don’t blame them, do you?

But there is still a hole in the boat!  See people can go Harvard or Yale and become a great doctor or lawyer.  They may finance as much as some people’s houses to get that education.  But it’s a good education and we know this how?  People who have succeeded in their respective fields will tell you if they graduated from a school like that.  But is that result guaranteed?  NO chances are only about 10% or less will ever succeed.  Of those that actually invest in starting college most will never get that degree.  Of those that do get a degree how many will that degree earn them anywhere near 100 to 200 thousand dollars a year of income?  Once again a tiny fraction… 10%?  Maybe 5% maybe even less…? 

From a percentage stand point many people that invest in college fail so why do they go with such a horrible success rate?  Only about 1-2% of people that ever have invested in a college degree AND have used that degree to earn enough income to pay for that student loan.  But every year people keep enrolling in college because of their belief.  While some of Dani’s training maybe taught in some college class rooms most people don’t treat that training with the same respect as a college degree!  Therefore most that hear about it will not even invest in it regardless of the results of others.

If you don’t believe Dani Johnson’s training can work for you YOU ARE RIGHT!  Don’t invest in it.  Don’t listen to other people’s results.  (You call it hype maybe).  Dani Johnson and her company believe in their training they have a 100% Guarantee if you go through it and don’t feel like it was worth it they will refund your money 100% no questions asked.  Will  Harvard or Yale do that for you?

Belief is the only hole in the boat.  You either believe there is something better than what you are doing or your don’t?  If you feel that every thing is fine and you can’t improve your income and you think her training will be like the last training you went through (where are their results?) you are right. 


Either way,
God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. I’m not directly compensated in any way by promoting Dani Johnson’s weekend training First Steps to Success.  Based off of our own results of making ZERO money working from home before it to multiple 6 figures after it,  I’ve promoted it to every everyone I can.  I am simply a client like you could be, and I’ve just been a client since 2005.

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