The Hope Equation


We are all designed for a bigger purpose. We all have a uniquely different part to play but a part that must be played specifically and is important. But often times we don’t realize our part for several reasons. The path we travel is what I would term the “Hope Equation

Through life we have moments of Joy and we have that Joy because something has entered our life and given us Hope.

-We may have a new opportunity? If you work from home this probably happened to you when you started with your company.

-We may have received a gift that gave us opportunity?

-A window of time may have opened that has allowed us to see something that is possible for us that we did not see before?

Once we have that Joy we develop Hope for what we see is possible and a vision is planted in us. But that is when life seems to get difficult. We start to walk toward our vision because of our Hope and we will face opposition. The purpose of Hope is to allow us to Endure.

Endurance is required for us to grow and develop. It builds character and skill set in our lives. Think about the first time you rode a bike; was it easy? If you did not Endure would have ever developed that skill of riding a bike? It was the Hope or vision of what is possible that allowed you to move forward and develop that skill.

Sometimes as we Endure our natural temptation is to is the path of least resistance. Our flesh is strong and with out that Hope often times we will not persist through our season of Endurance. Our flesh is smart too our “self” knows how to challenge us best. When I would go to the gym for years I ran 3 miles a day several times a week and when I was 20 minutes into my run which usually lasted 30 minutes. I would hear that voice in me start to say, “You’ve ran over half way that’s good enough today”. “Or doctor says you only need 20 minutes of cardio you are good”.

When I started working full time from home it was a similar challenge. I would be in my spare bedroom working and my “self” would say man you need to spend time with your kids. It was something I wrestled with like dang what kind of mom or dad would want to ignore their kids? Then that Hope of what was possible kept me on track. Then I started to think well if I don’t work 25-30 hours at home without my kids getting involved with my work I will work 50-60 hours somewhere else for someone else and that will not be any good either.

Our ‘self” or flesh is very good at choosing the path of least resistance it is only Hope that will allow us to Endure develop to create a skill set to make our Joy a reality.

Someone dieting or working out only stops when their Hope for what is possible for them becomes smaller than their desire to eat or stay home from the gym.

I encourage you to Endure and grow and have a prosperous week!
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S Hope Equation is (Joy+Hope=Endurance)

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