The How To’s When Working from Home


Ok so you want to make some money and you want to get started in a new venture either a job or something more along the lines of having a home business and self employed.  Well many people see some type of job offer or presentation and get excited  about the freedom of working from home and having their own lucrative stream of income.  And for good reason it’s a great life.

Before you jump into anything there are some basic questions you must find the answer to if you are going to be success.

The Basic How To’s

1.  How will you make your money?  What ever your job is make sure your know how simple it is or isn’t.  Are you selling a product?  If so who is paying you the company or the client?  How long does it take to get paid. (it should be fast not a week or month later) 

2.  How long will it take?  If you are working for someone else from home as an employee your income potential is typically limited to some degree.  Normally you don’t get paid hourly but you get paid by the task assigned.  If you are marketing a product then you get paid each time sell that product.  So how long does it take and what is your pay?  Is it lucrative enough to really be worth your time?

3.  Is the presentation set and does it work?  Everyone does a presentation either a sales presentation or a presentation to a client to solve their problem in a more customer service role.  Bottom line do you have the EXACT same presentation that other successful people are using.  You should be able to easily find and follow the results of your company.  Is it a level playing field?  Not all work from home opportunities are created equal.

4.  How do you get your clients?  Do you have a steady source of clients available to you.  I’ve been working from home for over 7 years and there is no way I could make a 6 figure income or pay off 292,000 of debt if I had to do my own advertising and find my own clients.  You can have the most amazing product on the planet, but products don’t sale themselves.  You have to have people that want to buy them.  DO NOT COLD CALL.  Unless that is what you really want, make sure before you do anything that you know exactly how you will get all your clients and you will never run out of a steady stream of income.

The bottom line is this don’t get excited about any opportunity without first learning the details.  Too often people wander of you can legitimately work from home.  The truth is millions of people already do.  It’s not a fantasy but you need to find some thing that makes sense where you understand the basics, and you know how you will get paid and exactly how you will find your clients.

The worse thing that could happen is you jump into an opportunity with no system, support or training.  It makes for a frustrating experience.  Ask the right questions and get the right answers before you do anything.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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