The Most Often Overlooked Part of Dani Johnson’s Training


In our last blog post we talked about how Dani Johnson made her millions.  We talked about she created a system and then replicated that same system daily in her work and in the lives of others that wanted to work from home with her.  The first part of that system was the script that she wrote and used on a daily basis.  It’s probably fair to say that, that script is the reason she made her first million dollars!

Dani Johnson Script Book

Today we are going to look at the script book that has help many people make millions and millions of dollars, but it is still the most over looked part of her training.  There are 3 reasons that the power of that script book isn’t realized by a newbie attempting to work at home the first time.  They don’t understand it, they don’t have enough people to talk to or use it with and they don’t stick to it.

Let’s hit the first issue first.  Most new people don’t understand the script.  So they don’t read it often enough.  A new person can’t see the millions and millions of dollars in revenue produced by it.  Heck it’s because of that script book that I have made 6 figures annually and multiple 6 figures the last several years.  Dani wrote the script book to naturally handle objections, to allow you to control the conversation and guide your prospects  to the next step.  It’s that simple!  It works not because it’s what she “thought” sounded good.  It works because when she designed it she was in the trenches talking to new clients daily and so were the people she worked with.  It had to produce, and it produced 20+ years ago when she first wrote it in that phone booth and it still works today.

Second, the script can’t work if you don’t have the people to talk to.  I read that script everyday that I work!  If you want to make a legitimate and lucrative income you have to read it often.  Depending if you want to make a full time income or supplemental depends how much you read that script to a new potential client. For full time income you should be reading that script to 5-15 people a day.  You have to have a system to always get clients.  In our company it is paramount to have people to read that script to.  Most of the last 9 years I’ve worked about 20 hours a week, always wanting to talk to at least 5-10 people a day.  Most people that want to use the script just don’t have a source to get clients.  FIND ONE!

Finally, I’d say the biggest break down with people that use the script is they don’t stick to it.  They think they “know” what would sound better even though they haven’t made any money yet so they make “their” version.  Or they feel like they shouldn’t “read” it so they attempt to wing it.  But it doesn’t work like that.  As I type this out I’m looking at my script book open as I just read it last.  READ IT, don’t change it and just stick to it. It really is that simple.

To use Dani Johnson’s training system and maximize the post powerful part.  Use the script book it’s is really easy and it’s meant to work for you.  Make sure if you are working a professional business you are using it every day and stick to it.  Don’t change it unless you’ve made millions already working from home.  That book has literally helped people earn 10s of millions of not 100s of millions.

Yes You Can,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. On purpose I am not an affiliate of this product.  But you can get Dani’s Script book here.

P.P.S. If I made money marketing her products it would taint my opinion. The fact is I’m just a long term client that has had incredible success because of Dani’s Training.

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