These People Are About to Touch Lives!


If you’ve been following along you know that helping people improve their lives and making decisions and choices to live to their fullest potential is something that drives me every day I wake up!  Every year I’m focused on how many people I can help make a 6 Figure Income that year.  Now we are taking it one step farther with a select group of individuals that have a similar desire in them as well.

Some folks get passionate about giving people a fish (and there is a time and place for that) I’ve always been excited about teaching people to fish, so they have fish for the rest of their lives and for others.  Recently I’ve announced this Boot Camp training I’m doing regardless if I can directly benefit form you or not, I’m not charging for this training but after a strict application process, that required people to really reflect on who they were and what they wanted and their own desires to lead, impact and help others with Coastal Travel a small group has come together.  The cream has risen to the top if you will.

These are some pretty amazing people!  If you happen to know them or get a chance to learn from them in any way shape or form consider yourself blessed!  Since hundreds and hundreds heard the message but only a few qualified showing the desire and commitment it’s fair to say this is an extremely rare group!

Congratulations on committing to this intense Boot Camp because you care about others! You are an example not just in our industry but truly all of mankind.  Most people don’t care about others, unfortunately!

Andrea DeRego
Angela Banks
Angela Lasher
Annie Koonapareddy
Antony Ngere
Beth Doetsch
Beverly North
Candice Thompson
Kristin Osberg
Dennis Kwasnycia
Dianne McGuigan
Gary Mach
Heather LeFoll
Jackie O’Quinn
Jason Baucom
Joyce Graines
Kathy Brown
Landon Stratton
Linda Steen
Louise Cahill
Luke Giovannetti
Margaret Morency
Maria McClurg
Marion Dix
Mary Smith
Michael Titus
Michelle Mast
Mintra Lewis
Nicole Ostropolec
Pamela Withage
Steve Elenich
Steve Shepherd
Tom Blackstone
Trish Roberts


Each of these people have really grabbed a hold of that others count on them being the best that they can be.  I said it was a rare to find a group so focused and dedicated to others, but what’s most exciting is next year I will not be the only one looking to build 6 Figure Income earners.  For once I get to help others master helping others.  That’s more valuable than the most precious diamonds on earth.

I’m so stinking excited as I write this, talk about a new level for so many people.  But it just starts with a select few and this is who they are!

To Your Ability,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Share your support by congratulation them.  Post this message on their facebook or link it to them via twitter and #hashtag.  Let them know you believe in them!

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