Toni Cloud: Hero of the Month


Recently in an article that was published for all in our company.  Toni Cloud from OK was named as October’s Project of the Month.  I still remember when Toni started and I remember those early days.  The statements she made in the article are absolutely true.  More than anything else today after reading this I’m amazed about how great God is.  See it’s one thing to make a six figure income yourself and pay off tons of debt while being able to give back to others.  But being able to help others get there and watching them do it, themselves is simply amazing.

It’s been almost two years since I started working with Toni, at one time she struggled and today she helping others.  Any one working with her is blessed!

Special Note:  This article was written by Michelle Tascoe.  Michelle did awesome with Toni’s story, but Michelle has an awesome story of her own.  She is a stay home mom, that once had her car reposed and 4 credit cards in collections.  Today she and her husband are buying their second home and paid off all their cars and credit cards.  Michelle, you’ve done awesome in  the 3+ years I’ve had the pleasure of working with you.  Now look at how you are inspiring others!


Toni Cloud: Reaching Success Step by Step


“Success with Coastal Travel is not matter of IF, it is a just a matter of WHEN” –Toni Cloud

Toni Cloud has risen to the top of the DFI Leaderboard this month with 6 marketing systems setup and we are only half way through the month! She also just recently qualified for her DFI Award ring! These results have come about through hard work, determination, persistence, and a complete shift in her mindset from what she only imagined was possible to now a complete belief in her business. You can’t deny that when someone fully believes in something there is no stopping them.

Mrs. Cloud’s journey with Coastal has been a step by step process. Before joining DFI/Coastal, Toni and her husband were working really hard to provide for their four children. Toni enjoyed her job as the accountant for her children’s Christian school and owning a successful petsitting business in her community. However, after attending Dani Johnson’s First Step to Success, she realized that her family had been settling for a lifestyle, instead of seeking to attain the one that God had designed for them. She made a decision to start working with DFI, but the price of even the basic package seemed totally unattainable. So she took her first step toward something she thought was going to be impossible and started by setting up her marketing system. This gave her enough time to save up some money while she studied the training. It wasn’t long before she had enough money to start at the Basic level. After discovering what she really had in front of her, she quickly found away to upgrade to the Premier position.

Step by step Toni saw results. Step by step she learned

  • how to properly interview a potential client
  • how to guide them to the Live training Call
  • how to set someone up in their training
  • how to set someone up in business
  • how to help her new teammates make money

During that process, she soon found a way to upgrade to the Platinum Package and that decision advanced her Coastal business leaps and bounds. Toni’s desire to work with a spirit of excellence has recently profited her $8,000 in just 4 weeks working part-time. And the Leaderboard this month shows that it is a promise of more sales to come! All in all she humbly states, “I give God all the glory for my success. He is helping me build this business and get these results on a very part-time basis and I truly believe if you do your best, He will do the rest! “

Now THAT, team, speaks for itself!

Toni’s 3 keys to success:

  1. Persistence and Consistency

“Many times in my business I felt like I was climbing uphill and now I can finally see the other side”

  1. Mindset

“I just kept telling myself, it’s not a matter of “If” I succeed, just a matter of “When”!

  1. Training

“By constantly plugging into both DFI & Dani Johnson training, I not only gained the skills I needed, but it also helped to shift my mindset over time from impossible to possible!”

One impactful insight that Mrs. Cloud shares is, “I can look back and remember when I first started, I didn’t know if this was real. I now know this is real… In the beginning of your business, you might say you believe it is possible, but now I Know That I Know it is!”

Her encouragement to fellow team members is to share your testimony no matter how big it is and to be part of the camaraderie that the team shares. We are all in this together. Our team genuinely cares about changing people’s lives. Toni has a passion for encouraging others and believes that her step by step refining process has not been just for herself, but also for other team members who might not be seeing the results they would like just yet.

The bottom line is that you can have a goal to reach the top of the highest building in the world with the fastest elevator in the world but you will still have to go pass each and every floor. You don’t just show up one day at the top. Success is step by step, floor by floor. Thank you Toni for all that you do and the example that you are of reaching success one step at a time. You are DFI’S HERO OF THE MONTH!

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