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Know you have a bad prospect on the phone in your Home Business? Have you ever wanted to have steady people to talk to in your business? Do you hate cold calling? Do you want to call people who are waiting to hear from you? Do you want people to potentially know your name before you ever call them?

I’ve built my entire business on calling highly qualified and highly targeted leads. This month alone I’ve made over 26,000 dollars. We’ll be doing a training call very soon explaining and showing you specifically what leads I call and what I say. Join the 6 Figure Income Club to stay up to date and learn when that training will take place.

Even when you call targeted leads, the Internet can be the wild west sometimes because anyone can do and say the right thing at a given moment to appear qualified enough to become a lead.

Here are the Top Ten Ways you should know you are wasting your time.

8. If your prospect says “Is this business free?”
–“No but a job is”–

7. If your prospect says “Do I really have to work?”
–“Don’t tell me you thought that application on line was for welfare, there is no way the welfare application is that long?”–

6. If your prospect says “Do I have to claim the income on my taxes?”
–“Yes, but if you where a street pharmacist you may not want to to claim it!

5. If your prospect says, “I don’t like people!”

4. If you are forced to read Dani Johnson’s “Jerk” script and they still don’t get it.
–They are trying to size themselves to you and they forgot you were the one doing the interview 🙂 Stinks for them!

3. Prospect is cussing at their kids in the background during the interview process. –That just makes you feel gross, hang up the phone!

2. Jerry Springer is so loud in the background you can’t carry on a normal conversation. –If Jerry is that important they are not qualified!

1. You tell your prospect that they requested more information about your position working from home at the beginning of the conversation and you casually end it with…
“What can I do for you?”

They respond, man I just wanted an application to Kentucky Fried Chicken?

–True response, Jackie O’Quinn from MI got just yesterday… he could only smile shake his head and be grateful that he’s working with a reputable advertising firm that will replace that type of response!!!

If you have ever had an interesting response that definitely let you know that your prospect was not capable of being able to work with you, comment and let us know!

To your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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