Top Internet Marketer Jeff Mills Endorses MyDFILive Marketing System for Coastal Tavel


Jeff Mills Internet Guru, also known as the “Minister of Marketing” just recently gave his full endorsement of the newest update to the DFI marketing system for Coastal Travel. Jeff Mills recently received an invite to the launch of this new system called MyDFILive.com.

The latest upgrade show a willingness by the DFI Leadership to do what every they can to ensure that it’s members have every chance to become successful in Coastal Travel. This is how Jeff Mills put it in a letter he recently sent out.

By Jeff Mills, July 23rd 2008

Something big just happened to Coastal Travel.

When I say big, I think it’s bigger than when Coastal finally got a website back in 2002! (*wink)

Over these 4 years, I have used many online systems and something was just released to me today, and I have to show it to you.

When I say there is nothing like it… trust me… I know systems and there is nothing like it. This is HUGE NEWS….

Jeff Mills, than added this,…

Then realize, the bar just got raised WAY WAY WAY beyond any system, for ANY company that has ever used an online system before.I know that’s a bold statement, but you absolutely must look at this, and for $1 go try it out… seriously… if you are in my team, sign up now and plugin.And if you cannot afford $1 to try it out, then I am not sure what’s going on in your life, but this is a way to change that.

What Mr. Jeff Mills said next was even more flattering coming from the “Minister of Marketing

The support system in place is really the top coaching and support team in this industry.

This is so huge, it’s hard to describe what this tool does, but even better… how simple it is for people with no computer skills to use it out of the box and get results.

Again, it’s not complicated!

Seriously, I just got off their success call tonight and I had to SHOUT this from the mountain tops…….

Don’t even think about it, or delete this email, go to the link and do the $1 trial. If you don’t like it in 30 days, quit. And it only costs you $1.

Oh, and if you sign up now, you’ll get 100 leads dumped into your system.

In His Grip, ><>
Jeff Mills

Coming from Jeff Mills this is HUGE News very few people have the experience that Jeff has when it comes to understanding systems. We are certainly grateful for his endorsement and review. He is an extremely busy man and Jeff we know your heart is to see other people succeed.

Thank You So Much,
Stacy O’Quinn

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