Top Leaders In the Home Business Industry


In my opinion these people are some of the best of the best.  I mean people who create and desire impressive results.  People who want to create an awesome lifestyle for their family and at the same time be able to help others do the same.  These are incredible people I get to work with who are genuine and real and looking to create life altering results!

It’s an honor to be in business with each and everyone of you.  You’ve stepped up and committed to plugging into First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson and you are going to LA in a couple of weeks.  You have a legitimate home business and now you are turning it into an opportunity of a lifetime.  Success and failure are both a choice and your efforts prove you are making great choices because you desire to help others!

1. Heather LeFoll
2. Anthony Robertson
3. Alethea Robertson
4. Rose Hannan
5. Stacy O’Quinn
6. Jackie O’Quinn
7. Mike Harrell
8. Rick Sibinski
9. Cathy Sibinski
10. Gary Mach
11. Jane Mach
12. Aman Sharma
13. Lamar Anthony Davidson
14. Margot Henderson
15. Dianne Mc Guigan
16. Shane Houston
17. Danielle Houston
18. Nicole Ostropolec
19. Vincenzo Condina
20. Steve Shepherd
21. Merry Lynn Shepherd
22. Kim Boyd
23. JudithKaren Eymard
24. Nico Eymard
25. Eric Ledwith
26. Rachelle Ledwith
27. Marty McKenzie
28. Mary Smith McKenzie
29. Toni Cloud
30. Summer Bohannon
31. Lisa Wright
32. Shawn Scheppele
33. Jaime Scheppele
34. Peter Harpster
35. Chanel Harpster
36. Wayne Boone
37. Melinda Stortenbecker
38. Christina Moyer
39. Alex Fanjul
40. Judy Fanjul
41. Michael Fanjul
42. Gabriel Fanjul.
43. Tara Hayes
44. Trish Roberts
45. Jordanna O.
46. Mintra Lewis
47. Elizabeth Overmyer
48. Rebecca Neudorf
49. John Sartin
50. Mindy Sartin
51. Rheema Jordon
52. Landon Strattan
53. Kristin Osberg
54. Joe Vallin
55. Lawrence Scott
56. Alex Mosher
57. Sandy Brooks
58. Thelma B Cousin
59. Donna Ford
60. Farah Velez
61. Charles Williams
62. Lawanda Williams
63. Shola Ikene
64. Joshua Cable
65. Monica Cable
66. Collin Scheppele
67. Jeff Harpster
68. Londa Harpster
69. Rebecca Higgins
70- Imani Jordan
71. Joseph Heflin
72. Ione Fejfer
73. Eldon Ocker
74. James Lauffer
75. Laura Porter
76. Tim Schultz
77. Hilary Snyder
78. Andrew Park
79. Karen Currie
80. Victoria Pamplona
81. Carrie Walters
82. Mike Jervey
83. Belinda Pierce
84. Will Triesler
85. Renee Triesler
86. Pamela Withage
87. Betania Jervey
88. Janet Gregory O’Mara
89. Keith Louden
90. Lana Mobley
91. Chad Mobley
92. Joanie Snaith
93. Michelle Mast
94. Johnny Scott
95. Daniel King
96. Jim Taylor
97. Jakari A. Scott
98. Dawn O’Quinn
99. Tiffany Horrocks
100. Beth McNeeley
101. Jared Murray
102. Natalie White
103. Nancy Wall
104. Pam Riggan
105. Margaret Morency
106. Al Morency
107. Alicia Morency
108. Joel Bonnette
109. Mike Horrocks
110. Dorothy Graham
111. Stephanie Moss
112. Gloria Dawit
113. LaDonna Norman

I can’t wait to spend time with each of you and get to know you better.  It’s not often you run into people like these people.  They are incredible Leaders, part of a group that has help to raise over 156,000 dollars for abused and abandoned kids.  If you happen to work with any of them you must be aware of who is in your presences.  They each help you create a lucrative home business.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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