#TravelTuesday, Reflecting on Travel Memories


Last night at dinner my kids were talking about all the vacations they’ve been on and they were recalling memories and laughing.  I couldn’t help but think if I didn’t work from home we would never have had the freedom or the money to travel so dang much.  We are going to Williamsburg VA this Spring in about 5 weeks for a week.  We paid 219 dollars for a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom condo.  I’ve never seen anyone on their deathbed wishing they made more money.  But I’ve known a lot of people that later in life wished they had done more.  Here are some of our memories.

Here’s at Cruise we got to stay in the Owner’s Suite!  Kids had a blast.

This was another trip that was awesome.  We stayed a month down in Orlando.

Talk about re-watching and smiling.  It’s rainy and miserable out today.  But the memories we create are always like a ray of sunshine!

Here is a recorded travel training call of trips others were able to use their Coastal Travel Package for.  Memories, Memories and Memories!


Let’s not take our vacations and memories for granted.  It’s the primary reason we live life?  Enjoying the time with our loved ones and friends!

#TravelTuesday  Have FUN!
Stacy O’Quinn

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