Tune In To Secret Millionaire On August 19 To Meet Amos Winbush



As the third season of ABC television’s Secret Millionaire continues, Amos Winbush III goes undercover to volunteer his time in New Orleans. Winbush is the CEO and founder of CyberSynchs, a company that specializes in the universal synchronization and transfer of data. At 26, he took a chance and became an entrepreneur while others were holding off due to the recession. This proved a smart move because the business he started in his studio apartment is now a $20 million company.

With CyberSynchs, Winbush wanted to develop a universal wireless solution for the backup, retrieval, and management of mobile content. He got Sun MicroSystems to collaborate on this venture, a move that allowed CyberSynchs development on the platform JAVAFX and offered Sun Cloud access. Sun now distributes CyberSynchs within JAVAFX, widening market penetration for the company. The executive team at CyberSynchs is approaching digital camera, mobile phone, and smartphone manufacturers with their product.

In the years since starting CyberSynchs, Winbush has received notable attention. Black Enterprise magazine named him their Innovator of the Year for 2010. The same year, Entrepreneur magazine listed CyberSynchs as one of its 100 Brilliant Companies. Winbush has been invited to present at the JAVAONE conference and numerous New York Silicon Alley technology and entrepreneurial conferences.

While taping his episode of Secret Millionaire, Winbush resided in a low-income area within New Orleans. He volunteered his time with individuals and organizations who are continuing to revitalize a city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The young millionaire said he went into the experience without expectations and let go of control so he could be present in each moment. As a result, he learned about service, love, and life.

Winbush stated that it was difficult to live on the small amount of money provided by the show, but it made him more empathetic to those in need. He recognized the value of service and this made the temporary sacrifices well worth it. His goal was to express the need for giving back in a way that would inspire others and we think he achieved it.

According to Winbush, there is always time to serve others and being present in the moment is important. His experience taught him how to see himself through the eyes of others, which he calls a life-changing experience. He recommends that everyone look for opportunities to serve because they provide chances to gain something much greater personal achievements.


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