Ultimate Freedom, Do You Have It?


Can you do what you want? When you want? No matter when, where or how much? Can you help and give every time you hear a need and there is a tug at your heart?  Is it possible for you and your family to give, travel and help exactly like you’ve always wanted?  REAL FREEDOM?

Recently we’ve been giving and helping some orphans out in Belize.  You can help us but more on that in just a second.  Recently with a just over 3 week notice several friends of mine that I work with decided almost on a whim that we wanted to take advantage of a vacation special Carnival Cruise had.  My family and I had the awesome pleasure of having a blast with friends and staying in a the elusive, luxury Penthouse Suite on the Carnival Fascination.  There were only two of them on the ship and you can’t find them listed on the Carnival website.  The rooms don’t even have room numbers on the outside of the doors.  It was a great experience and with a moments notice we had the freedom to do something incredible and fun.  Hopefully you have the freedom to join us on our next vacation.

Here is the video of our room and details on how you can help us help more kids.

Special thanks to great vacations with great friends.

Toni and Shane Cloud
Angela and Steve Lasher
Trish and Trevor Roberts
Gary and Jane Mach
Daniel and Verna King
Jeremy and Colleen McGrath

It was a honor to hang out with you all and for our kids to build memories with each other as each of us work hard to help out the children who are less fortunate.  DFI as a team has already giving over $150,000 in the last year to help the hurt and abused children.  Go to and continue to make a difference!


For the Children,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Do you really want 2014 to just like 2013? Do something about it.

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