Updated Contest from DFI Sponsored by Cutting Edge Media


Our Team completely rocks! This is a letter that was sent out to all members of DFI today. We’ve also received 2 more testimonies from our team. I will share those in the next post. To continue to hear about results in DFI join the 6 Figure Income Club NOW.

As a team we are fortunate to have exceptional vendors like Cutting Edge Media working with us. You may have gotten the email with the lead special that ends today. CEM is giving 50% more interviewed leads with any coastal specific lead order. Go to and select any coastal specific leads and in the cart put in promo code 09DFI to get the special. Hurry offer ends at 11:59pm EST. Make sure your team is aware of this. Cutting Edge gets calls after most specials and people say I did not get the email and I did not realize there was a special. Don’t let your team be left out this is their last chance.

Another reason we are blessed is the contest that Cutting Edge Media is sponsoring for us. Who ever sets up the most DFI Marketing Systems for the month of September will get a 500 dollar gift card to either Target, Best Buy or Home Depot. So far the status of that contest is

Heather Marshall 11
Pat Smith 8
Jenny Baker 6
Jackie. O’Quinn 6
Catherine Rupp 6
Lorraine Rodman 5
Jill Albanys 5
Richard Birney-Smith 4
Carol Grubb 4
Rita Schuett 3
Jessica Wendelboe 3
Renae Heikkila 3
Helene Wolters 3
Stacy O’Quinn 3
Jolynn Skarin 2
Shawn Scheppele 2
Holly Marshall 2
Dion Danner 2
Linda Allen 2

Many many more of you have one Marketing System set up. Set up just one more and you too will be featured in our next update. Stacy was able to set up 3 systems in just 4 days so it is still any one’s game. Congrats to Heather Marshall for her current lead. Pat Smith is right behind her though. We are confident that Jenny Backer, Jackie O’Quinn and Catherine Rupp are not just sitting around though. Pay attention for the next update to see your name featured in the email as well as to see who may be our new leader!

Good Luck,
MyDFILive Team

P.S. Remember for today only CEM will be giving 50% more live interviewed leads for any Coastal Movie or Premium leads order. That’s TODAY ONLY use promo code “09DFI” when you place your order

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