Vacation and Rejuvenation, creates Lucrative Game Plan


Owning a lucrative home business allows incredible freedom.  I’m in my second week of vacation with my family.  I will be out of my office for another week or so still.  Working from home with a legitimate home business is more about lifestyle than it is even about money.  Life isn’t about money but money sure makes life easier.  I just read a quote and I can’t remember who the original author is but it said.

“Money can’t buy happiness, happiness can’t buy groceries”

The bottom line is any real lucrative home business that is legitimate will create freedom.  You can find the Internet full of people claiming how wealthy they are with pictures of homes and their drive way full of fast cars but wealth isn’t truly that tangible.  There are lots of people out there with “typical” jobs in corporate America and they can afford a mortgage on a big house and they too can afford to finance a driveway full of cars.  They still have an incredible amount of stress.  Lucrative incomes become true wealth when you create real freedom. 

As I’ve been praying and soul searching on vacation what I personally want to accomplish the remainder of this year professionally is an elite group of 7.  Seven, people I will work extremely close to and together we will learn and grow to develop not only a legitimate home business but also real Freedom and true wealth.  We will be a team of one focused on a single mission together independently. 

This new focus will create the fastest growing sales force in 2011 of any home business.  We will directly work as a team to help parents who are struggling in this economy so they don’t have the stress any longer on how to provide for their children.  We will help stay at home moms who have their hands full with maintaining the family also becomes income producing machines.  We will help dad’s who are tired of their job, worried about being laid off and frustrated with the limits of the corporate ladder excel and have more freedom then that job could ever provide.  We will allow families to go on vacations they’ve only dreamed of.

I will personally meet with this group weekly as we discuss strategic business principals and solid wealth building foundations.  I will pass on everything I’ve learned and I’ve done, this group will develop the ability pay cash for cars and their homes just as I’ve done.  All 7 of these people will become legends in the home business industry.  We will create the platform and through their own efforts they will become inspirations to so many people.  If you are reading this and become one of the Legendary 7 it will be you who inspires people to take action and improve their lifestyles permanently. 

As we move into our new home we just paid cash for and once I get back I’m building an enhanced business suite on the property so that when I’m working, I’ll have laser focus and dedicated to this group.  It will be a lot of work on my part and your part but if we give it all we got for 3 years.  We will not be the same ever again! We will change lives FOREVER not everyone who starts this journey with us will make it to the end.  But a select few of us will get to the end; we will become the Elite 7.

To become part of the Elite 7, click on my name below and fill out the form!  If we are already working together and you want to be part of this laser focused group then send me an email or leave a comment.

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. stacydfi says:

    Yes it could if you want to be part of the Elite 7, let me know.

  2. I am totally on board. It truly has been a blessing to be working with you and following your lead has given be results in my business and in my life that I never thought were possible is such a short amount of time! I am ready to help others become stay at home moms and dads and be able to pay cash for a 1969 Cannery yellow Corvette Stingray!

  3. stacydfi says:

    Let’s impact others, let’s share this freedom. Michelle you have done absolutely amazing for yourself. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You are a great possibility for the Elite 7, either way I have no doubt you will be getting a Canary Yellow Corvette soon 🙂

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