Value Meals, How Can They Change a Life?


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Today is Fast Food Friday!  So how can a value meal from your favorite drive through joint change your life?  WELL….  It can give you gas, the runs, contribute to your high blood pressure, clog your arteries and increase the diameter of your belly.

Or you could take those same $3-8 dollars and skip your next drive thru or starbucks and actually help keep a child from being raped, pillaged, destroyed and abused in the Billion Dollar Human Trafficking Sex Trade Industry.  Join me on this Fast Food Friday and let’s take what we would normally spend on one trip through a Fast Food drive thru and give it to the kids at

After you donate share this blog post on facebook and tag 10 people that you know actually care and would be willing to give a measly $3.  Think about it if we get the message out there because we all know that no one wants to see kids hurt.  Everybody can give $3 to a tax deductible cause, and our goal is to have 100% of the people that hear this message today give.

Who do you know that is just a cool person?  Who do you know that has $3?  Who do you know that has a heart and would join you?  Who do you know that has the leadership ability to step up and inspire other people for a cause bigger than they are?  Who do you know that just because their child is healthy and fine, they know there is someone out there being abused with tears running down their cheek right now?  If 100,000 people hear this message today and gives only $3 or what ever they would spend on a value meal on this Fast Food Friday.  We would have over 300,000 dollars and that would help rescue, love, provide counseling, physical and mental nourishment to at least 200 victims from 6-16 years old.

For the children, please go to give your 3-8 dollars and then share this post on facebook and tag 10 awesome people you know.  People want to help real leaders want to give back and inspire others.  They just need to know about the need.


Together we help more,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Sharing this message is almost more important than giving.  But the best part is we all have 3 dollars so we can do both for the innocent victims that are being hurt as you read this.

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