Very Very Humbling


The first thing any for any striving entrepreneur if you have a legitimate home business or not.  If you plug into Dani Johnson and what she teaches or not.  RESULTS and SUCCESS it’s what we all want even though it looks different for all of us.  For you success maybe not struggling with money any more, securing your future financially or being able to travel and enjoy the world as God designed it.

A few people will choose to go after your own success and results via the Exec. Mentor Group that is starting soon.  You maybe one of them, if so this message is for you.  (This video I made a mistake they made $439K in 25 weeks not 239K I stated)

The truth is once you experience a certain level of success it is time to give back.  To help others the best you can.  I’ve done that with the Executive Mentor Group and when we open it up more broadly we will do it again.  But the emails continue to come in saying thank you.  Your words re-energize me, inspire me and motivate me to keep on.  I will share a couple of those emails .  More Exec. Mentor Group details will be coming this Thursday evening on the 6 Figure Income Club call.

Here is an email from Toni Cloud

Dear Mr Oquinn,

Words cannot even express my gratitude to you for leading the Executive Mentor Group. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to teach us specific skills that you have learned over the years to becoming a 6-figure income earner.  Using the strategic skills you taught us, I was able to earn more in the first few months of this year working very part-time in DFI, than I did working an entire year working full-time in my accounting job! 

Thank you most of all for always believing in me and encouraging me!

I cannot believe you are opening up this opportunity again and this time to the entire DFI team!  Dani Johnson teaches us to find someone who has what you want and do what they do.  The team would be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best and you are doing it for free?!–thats just crazy!! 

You are truly Blessed to be a Blessing!

Toni Cloud

From Hilary Snyder

Dear Stacy,
I wanted to write you a short note to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your Executive Mentor Group.
I’ve been with the Coastal for 7 years and by applying what you’ve taught, your mentoring has helped me fine tune my skills.
My hours went down and my income went up.  I’ve been able to give away thousands to organizations close to my heart.  With the ability to work from anywhere, I’ve been able to spend as much as 2 weeks out of the month with my daughter and grandson who live about 2 hours away from me.
Being a part of the Executive Mentor Group has helped me grow as a business owner and leader within Coastal.
I’m forever grateful,
Hilary Snyder

One More from Mintra Lewis

Stacy……hope you get this in time…I had it down in my notes we had a few days to get this to you.

Anyway see below….

Thank you for taking the time to form the Executive Member Group and allowing me to be a part of it. I so appreciate you taking the time to  teach the principles and share your expertise that has made you so  successful  in this business.

Through this group and your mentoring I have learned what it takes to be successful  in this business. This would include accountability…not only to myself but to others. You taught me that no matter where you are in the business you can never stop doing the basics… the top of the list Dialing. You have also taught me that this business can be done "part time"  with a  "FULL- TIME  EFFORT"……. Through the group I came to realize that we all struggle in similar ways and that we have to overcome our fears daily. The group was very supportive to those needs. Finally….this group made me feel and realize that I am part of a tremendous team of professionals…..Thank you again for ALL that you have done for me and this group!!!!    


Mintra Lewis

Mintra Lewis, Hilary Snyder and Toni Cloud you are all amazing women and it’s been a privilege to get to work with one on one in such a small setting.  Together we continue to grow, adventure and enjoy life.  Thank you for such kind words from incredible leaders.

God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Remember more details will emerge from the next 6 figure call on Thursday night. 

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