Victim by Choice, are you?


The title is harsh. But it is a serious question. Are you a victim? I had this thought as I was working and connecting with prospects today. The way some people are where they are at in their life because they choose not to move and walk in a different direction. Once I heard a statement and it was this, “Don’t think act”. Thinking is a choice not to act.

Don’t confuse the message here. People always talk about missed opportunities. If they know they missed an opportunity then they must have thought about it before they missed it. To miss an opportunity is to not act on a thought. Now you could be thinking well this one time I did X but I was just too late. My guess would be that you did not act when you heard about it the first time!

Have you missed any opportunities lately? Have you put off anything today for tomorrow? Why did you put it off? What where you thinking about? What opportunity will you miss because you will be catching up on what you should have done today. It’s amazing how our brain gets us in so much trouble.

Next time opportunity to be diligent or to act comes your way. If you feel hesitation just remember, hesitation is a sign of thinking.

Don’t hesitate just ACT

Talk Soon,
Stacy O’Quinn

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