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Last week we did a dollar for dollar match up to 8,000 dollars to help stop human trafficking.  We only had 72 hours but we made the match!  You can get all the details and even donate by going to http://www.grouprev.com/racetofreedom


You know normally here at the 6 figure income club we are talking about business and making money.  But if we are not giving back and helping others what is it really all for?  So we will be giving more soon but let’s get back to helping others now.  If you have been following along you know we have been in the middle of a series called Prospecting 101.  We are breaking down the basics of prospecting in little bite size chunks.  Here is Part 3 of that series now.


Prospecting 101 Part Three Building Rapport

1.  Learn when it’s OK to deviate from the script.

2.  How can you learn exactly what your clients want?

3.  Learn the balance between sappy sweet and professional.

4.  What is one skill that helps me make 6 figures every year?


Let’s Help More People Together,
Stacy O’Quinn

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