What are you Thankful for?


I’ve really sat her at my desk and tried to put into words how I feel this very moment in time.   Geez, I’ve been incredibly blessed and trying to wrap that up in a nut shell is not easy to verbalize.  First I would say God is Amazing!  Years ago when we were living paycheck to paycheck and desperately broke in the military I had no idea where we would be today.  I have an amazing wife, I have incredible kids, I work with an awesome company with the coolest people on the planet!!!  I have an awesome brother!  The bottome line without God, my Wife or my Brother we would not be nearly as blessed as we are.

The best way I can explain it is with some archived video’s I had.  If you have a few minutes simply get to a quiet spot and listen and learn through these video’s how we went from zero to hero in a few short years.  Because of the people and solutions in these videos we have an amazing life today!  Thank you God for opening my eyes and my heart we would never be were we are today if I had just passed this by, like I almost did!

Why Coastal Travel is Simple and Lucrative


Cadie Kalmes:  Incredible Mom and Amazing Person to Work with


Michelle Tascoe: Another Stay at Home Mom that has over come so much!!!


Hilary Snyder: Successful Business Woman and MOM


Kari Skarin: 19yrs old and now DEBT-FREE


Cindy Chamberlin: Travel Agent and Mom… plus so much more.


Jolynn Skarin: Who knew a Teacher Could Make 60,000 in 3 Months


These video’s are just a small sampling of incredibleness that has made waking up everday and doing what we do as exciting and as successful!  And now as we prepare to give to the orphanage in Belize as a TEAM.  We are slowly doing something about the world we live in together! 

Thank you to each and everyone of you that we’ve had the priviliage to work together, play together, laugh togerher, cry together and have a truly life changing impact together!

To Your Success,
Happy Thanksgiving!
Stacy O’Quinn

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