What Could Happen to You After Dani Johnson Training


Today is my last day of work before heading out to LA for an incredible training event with Dani Johnson called First Steps to Success.  Dani went from homeless to millions in 2 years and today she teaches and has taught 100s of 1000’s if not million through her books, weekend workshops and trainings on her website.

When I first heard about Dani Johnson I was not in the best place in life.  Struggling day to day well over 6 figures in debt as a man in the military our household earned income was $25,000 a year.  My wife is beautiful and amazing, was  then and still is a stay at home mom, one of the most valuable jobs on the planet but it doesn’t pay well.  Always looking for a way to break the struggle I had been going to college at night, started an Internet business and my prospects were not looking good.  I was spending more money trying to improve or change things and nothing was happening I wasn’t even making money in that Internet business.  NOTHING!

Then I landed on Dani Johnson’s website one night.  After reading all the stories and plugging into some of the free training something just felt different.  Like  the training had merit it was not just hype.  In an instant I made a decision to go to the very next First Steps event but first I had to call my credit card company and increase my balance. (Thank God they did)

That was the last weekend of Sept. 2005.  I could have never imagined what would have happened coming out of that training.  I learned specific strategies and understood how Dani went from homeless to millions.  She laid out her playbook in business and life step by step.  Not theory but specific nuts and bolts the how to’s.  That was it!  I came home and applied her techniques to that Internet business and 30 days later I made 13,000 dollars in profit.  I was overwhelmed but knew I had discovered something.

I went on to generate $104,000 in profit that first year and have continued 6 figures every year since.  Took 5 years and we paid off ALL OF OUR DEBT 292,000 dollars.  We’ve made multiple 6 figures the last several years.  It doesn’t matter if it’s investing in real estate, stocks, other business ventures or just basic client acquisition Dani’s training works.  Plus, I work less hours than I’ve ever worked.  Now the money and time freedom is great but it’s bigger than that.

Because of Dani’s training I’ve taken my kids to Belize to build an orphanage twice.  Saw my 5 yr old son give away his matchbox cars when he realized the other little boys didn’t have any of their own.  I’ve been to Nicaragua for weeks at the time with my kids eating different foods and seeing different cultures. Went on horse back riding trips through the jungle watching monkeys in the trees. Took my kids to Disney for a month and pretty much hit every theme park in Orlando in 28 days.  We’ve given away 10’s of 1,000s away every year to help abused kids and those that we see in need.  My wife and I have traveled all over the US on weekend getaways. We’ve been to Europe together, Bora Bora and Cruises just the two of us.  We’ve learned about money and investments and are truly financially free.  You can see some of our adventures on YOUTUBE.

I don’t share this info to impress you but to impress upon you what can happen for you starting with one weekend of Dani’s training.  People say all the time you are just a Dani Johnson fan.  If you learned to make a 6 figure income and become debt free while traveling the world with your family and giving away $1,000’s upon $1,000’s wouldn’t you.  If I’m dumb and just drinking the kool aid of some amazing marketer called Dani Johnson fair enough.  At this rate can you please feed me this kind of kool aid out of a fire hose!!!


See You There,
Stacy O’Quinn 


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