What does it take to work from home?


For some it’s so elusive the ability to really work from home.  Having the freedom to take off of work and spend time with your family when you want.  Having a specific way to get out of debt and secure your life financially doing something on the side part time.  Creating more income from home where it’s more fun to work than listening to a boss all day.  The bottom line to really do something from home that is lucrative you need three things.

1.  A unique product that people want and is very profitable.

2.  Someone who is succeeding and willing to help you succeed doing the exact same thing.

3.  Have a proven process to get clients who choose to get the product.


Let’s first talk about the product.  People buy what they want versus what they need.  Ask any insurance salesman.  Everyone is going to die and you would think everyone needs life insurance.  But most people don’t have it.  No one need fast food, but it’s a multi-billion dollar industry because everyone wants the convenience of it.  You want to find a product like coca-cola which cost them a few pennies to produce a 20oz drink but the average person will pay $1.69 at any gas station for it.  It’s a product that people want and the market is willing to pay way more than it cost to produce.  That’s why I like the travel industry personally.  But it could be any industry that people “want”.

Second, you have to have someone who’s succeeded when it comes to doing what you’ve done.  It’s way more expensive to have an idea and attempt to “figure” it out versus learn what someone else has already proven.  It’s the reason when I started working from home back in 2005 I was a military dad and multiple 6 figures in debt.  I knew I didn’t know how to do this work from home thing.  That’s why I gravitated toward Dani Johnson’s training.  I’d honestly say it’s the single biggest reason I’ve made a 6figure + income every year and now we are totally debt free.  Without finding someone who’s already proven what you want to do, it could be an expensive hypothesis.  Doing anything new is a risk, but not having help is very very risky.  Can you afford that risk?

Finally, make sure there is a process to expose clients to your product or service.  They key is are there many many other people doing that process?  Are those people having results?  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  If you are the horse willing to drink, then make sure you’ve found water!  That’s very important, because a lot of people sell books telling you how they became rich.  When in fact the book itself is the system they used for riches not the content of the book.

If you truly want to succeed working from home it doesn’t have to be elusive.  Just make sure you have a unique product that people really want.  Make sure you find someone who is succeeding that you can work with and finally make sure you have a proven process to get clients educated about your new found lucrative vehicle.

You can become financially independent,
Stacy OQuinn


P.S. If you are that proverbial horse looking for water, sometimes it’s as easy as just finding the water because you know you will have no problem drinking!

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