What if you Could Go on Vacation For 30 Days


You can do what ever you want!  I know you may be saying but Stacy we can’t afford that! But can you? You an afford anything you put your mind to and work for.  The reason you work from home is so you can live a non traditional life and do some pretty incredible things.  Starting September 1st we have been in the Orlando area taking a much needed break, creating incredible memories with our kids and using our Coastal Vacations Travel package for awesome savings.  So far the savings look like this.

1.  First Week Condo at we’ve saved a little over $1,ooo for a 2/2 that sleeps 8
(most places online you could not even find a vacancy but with the Coastal membership we had a vacancy and saved

2. Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant we saved 15% off of our dinner the first evening in town

3. Buy one get one Free at Arabian Nights Dinner Show

4. Plus 2 dollars per person off of a round of mini-golf at Congo River

This is only Sept. 2nd and we are not only having a blast, making memories and I’ve done a little work because it’s a working vacation and I can take my laptop with me. The savings and fun will only continue, but this was never possible until I decided about a year ago that I should be able to something like this with my family.  Make the decision, do something different than everyone else around you.  Be bold and live a non-traditional life! Yes, you can!

Here’s to a non traditional life,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Here is a video of our current condo.  Make sure you subscribe to this blog I will personally continue to update you on our savings.

P.P.S Vacationing together like this is just fun!  Let’s Do It

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