What if you lost your only income TODAY?




According to 62% of Americans have less than 1,000 dollars saved and are not prepared for the unexpected.  What would you do if you had an emergency, like your child had to go to an emergency room?  Or you hit a pot hole and blew out a tire on your car?  Heaven forbid, what if you lost your job or only source of income.  Today the average American is looking work for one reason or another every 5 years.  But when most Americans have no savings and a single income they some how feel like nothing would ever happen to them?  Do you feel that way?  What if someone hit you on the way to work tomorrow and you had a minor injury and couldn’t work? What would you do?

Do you have a plan? How would you provide for your family?  How would you provide for your kids?  Would you be able to buy groceries?  Most people say they would “cut” their expenses or borrow it from someone else.  So if you can’t afford to save where would you cut your expenses?  If 62% don’t have any money really saved who would you borrow it from?  If you put it on a credit card how do you pay the bill off?  Would you begin a spiral that could end up with you losing your car, your home and everything you own?

The truth is the model of how most of us get employed is completely broken.  Go to school get a degree and you are suppose to have a steady well paying job.  But the proof is with student loan debt as high as it’s ever been and most people not paying it off until their 30’s or 40’s you have to have a different plan for real security.  Its up to YOU TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO.  Apparently 62% are blind to the reality they can do more.

You can get a second income coming into your home.  You can start a side business working from home.  With a second income you can save more than you ever have, you can pay off all your debt and take amazing vacations.  Imagine if you had an extra 10 to 15,000 dollars a year.  What could you do with that?  What if you worked your way up to making 50 or 100 grand a year?  You could save for retirement, pay for your kids college and not have to worry or stress about money ever again.  You can live a better life. 47% of Americans are saving more and living with more security.  When will you start?


Start Now,
Stacy O’Quinn

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