What Is a Legitimate Home Business?


How do you find a legitimate home business? With all the garbage of the wild wild west on the internet how do you find out if a company or opportunity is real?  How do you really sort the hype from reality and how do you know you won’t pay for a product or service and not receive it?  The truth is the answers are easy keep reading and I’ll help you.

First, and really the biggest is look for transparency.  Every product on the Internet will have a “presentation or a funnel” that you will be guided through with an individual or an automated process.  Follow that process but make sure you understand every thing.  You should never buy anything with out talking to a person, if you ever expect someone to be there in person to train or help you in the future.  NEVER and I mean NEVER, pay for information.  That usually means someone is hiding something. All of your questions should be easily answered and what you are paying for and receiving should be completely black and white.

Second, there should always be an easy track record to find.  It should be real people you can talk with in a live environment.  The product or service that you want to work with should have referrals of some sort and live bodies, not just automated videos and recorded voices.  You should be able to ask for referrals and they should be easily given to you.

Finally, look for the bad and don’t be afraid of it.  Every legitimate product or service on the planet will have naysayers.  Now the pluses should far out way the minuses but if everything you see is all good ALL THE TIME.  You are missing part of the details, guaranteed.  Even Dell Computers has 6,000 complaints on the BBB. But that’s nothing to the millions of clients world wide.  Point being they are a reputable company and they still have dissatisfied clients who don’t like the product or opportunity.  You should at least make sure you can find a fragment of negativity.  That’s one sign that you’ve gotten the full picture and most likely found a legitimate group of people to work with.

In conclusion, look for transparency and if you have to “pay for” information or an application fee RUN AND RUN FAST.  Second, always look for a track record and referrals.  If they only thing you can find is people to talk to who hope to make money from you, that’s not good.  Referrals and references should come easy if you are dealing with something legit.  Finally, look for the negative to.  Don’t be afraid of it, it should exist, maybe only slightly but the greatest company\ies on the planet still has one or two dissatisfied customers who posted something on the internet or some where.


Good Luck in your Journey,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Disclaimer: This is based off of my personal experience working in the home business industry for 9 years.  I do make a 6 figure income and have paid off $292,000 dollars in debt. Finding a legitimate company to work with from home is one of the most rewarding things that can happen for you and your family.  Fortunately I’ve only ever worked with one company in the last 9 years.

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