What is dragging you down?


Life might get in the way, but if you are going to work from home; you are taking the path less traveled.  You are going against the grain of what others say and want.  Others want to work 9 to 5+.  Others settle for stress of a boss, crushing debt, someone else raising their kids and someone else flirting with your spouse (it’s harmless right?) 

The question is are you willing to allow life to drag you down and break you into believing you must live the life others have.  Or do you believe you were designed for more.  Do you believe you can be married to the person of your dreams, be debt-free, live a fun filled comfortable life with no stress and be your own boss.  Can you travel the road  that is less traveled?  Is it worth it?




Be Unbroken!  No matter what.
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Break out and do something different.  It’s been done before just not by most people.  Many but not most!

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