What is the First Symptom of Success?


If you want to succeed in your marriage, job, finances or business; it helps if you know what the first symptom of success is so you can determine if you are on the right track.  People who succeed in marriage they tend to hang out with people that are married and they have conversations on the challenges of being married and how they over come them.  People who are divorced or unhappily married make jokes about how silly being married is and how all the good people are taken. This is one reason the results that we have in our life are very similar to the results of those we socialize with and hang out with.  People who are successful small business owners, talk about how to find and hire talented people.  They discuss strategies to increase their clients and overall business.  People who hate their job and show up late to the one they have flipping burgers are not going to have those kinds of conversations.

Chances are when you left high school your environment may have changed based off of your desires.  You may have went to college, the military or just left home to seek a job some where else.  Chances are if you left home your career, income and friends reflect that environment you went into.  If you stayed at home it’s very likely your income, career and friends reflect the average of your home town what ever that maybe.  You may have left your home town for a season and then came back and you may know some of the same people.  You may not hang out as much as you once did, but your income, career and friends you’ve created while you were away have shifted your lifestyle, good or bad.

We’ve all heard birds of a feather flock together.  How many millionaires do you know? How come millionaires know dozens of other millionaires? It’s fair to say, that a group of millionaires that hang out probably talk about building wealth, business and a successful life.  Among themselves they create opportunity and learn from one another.  The truth is God brings blessings into our life through people.  We need people who have knowledge and skill that we want.  They don’t have to be a millionaire, or they may be?  But if you want to be financially independent, make a 6 figure income and/or become a savvy investor then you need to hang out with people who it’s second nature to talk to about those things.

If you have a strong desire to succeed.  The first symptom of success is you seek out people who have the success you want.  They are normal every day people, yes even the millionaires trust me.  They just have different conversations with their friends, they think differently, talk different and do things different.  They’ve learned skills from the people they’ve hung out with. Are you hanging out with people you can learn from?

To your success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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