What is Veterans Day for?


As a Veteran I can tell you that being thanked for the service and sacrifice you put in to protecting your country is a great feeling.  The true thankfulness really goes to the men and women still on the battlefield.  Those that haven’t made it home yet or never will be thanked in person!

So how do you thank them?

The Answer:  Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain!

It’s because of those men and women still on the battlefields of the world that we are able to have our freedoms and more importantly it’s because of them that we have an “American Dream”  The American Dream is we can become who ever we want.  We don’t have to rely on an Institution or a government to provide for us.  We have the freedom and it is a unique freedom to America to live to our fullest potential.

Our Veterans have sacrificed an incredible amount and the best way we can thank them is to take a stand for what we can do for ourselves, our families and our communities.  To be the best us we can be, because we live in the Greatest Land on Earth.  Regardless of what Media or Politicians may portray!

Happy Veterans Day!
Stacy O’Quinn

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