What Kind of Difference Are You Making?


In business and in life our goal should always be to make a difference.  To help inspire, impact and empower others to places they mentally could not even conceive.   So often our mind is blocked or hindered based only what we think is possible.  It is said that, “What we think is who we are”?  If that’s true then all your decisions are based on what you think is possible.

For me I believe most people are genuinely good.  They desire to do good, to be good and most really don’t want to hurt any one.  But to often we do hurt people because of our lack of what we think we can do, which leads to what we actually do –  nothing.  We see some dumb blog talking about making a difference and helping other people and we only focus on what we can do.  If we don’t think we can really help someone else we will not.  We become mentally impotent which is exactly what the enemy wants. What have a home based business why work from home if we don’t ever plan to give back?

Calling all good Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents and those who believe more is possible.  Let’s step up!  It’s time to rise up!  YES YOU CAN.  There are two way we can help people all are based on our actions.  As we take action there is always a result.  We can help people directly with that result (financially and through mentorship) but we can also empower people indirectly.  You see thanks to the world of facebook this is proven.  When someone sees a post or comment they agree with or they like they will automatically share it.  That’s an example of the original initiator inspiring someone else they didn’t expect to inspire directly.  But the person who shared it, just made it possible for other’s to be impacted!  We do it all the time and don’t realize it, even if we didn’t think we could help inspire, impact and empower others.  Clicking on the like button is easy.

Help us get the word out and grow an amazing community of people. These people are joining a small army to take what they’ve learned, gained and been given.  And DIRECTLY helping us help kids locked in an unknown scary world.  Many kidnapped from their family ripped from all they have known through human trafficking.  With a majority of them being kids forced into a perverted world of sexual slavery and bondage.  It’s estimated 100,000 people a year in the US alone are trafficked many end up overseas. 

I’m honored personally that these are people I get to associate with.  Is your name on this list? Simply giving $10 inspires someone else who thinks it doesn’t help to also give $10.  Liking this blog post on facebook allows you to empower people indirectly.  So by giving what ever you can and liking this post on facebook you can help directly and empower indirectly both make you’re a relevant and impactful human being.


Help Now!
Champions for those that can’t fight back!  RACE TO FREEDOM

Jane & Gary Mach

John & Mindy Sartin

Camp Sartin
Let’s set these babies FREE!!! It’s time to make a change.

Mindy & John Sartin
It’s time to take a stand against this disgusting, abusive and evil industry. Thank you so much to everyone who is running, walking, cheering and donating. Together we can FREE these babies!!


Margot Henderson

Mike, Jill, Chloe and Ty Peterson
Bless the children.

Terry and Sandy Schultz
What a great community of people to be a part of.

Ian Barter
Bless you in all that you.

Kreynstein-Ung Family
Please give whatever your heart compels. If we all wait around for others to do the right thing, it’s going to be a very long wait.

Julie Rader
Thank you for organizing and matching contributions! What a great cause.

Nikk Brooks

Linda Duvall

Stacy O’Quinn
What a community of people who jump out and help others. This is a flock I like to surround myself with.

Brad Harmsworth
If not us, who will be like Jesus to the least of these?

Jeanette & Joel VanLandingham

Jeffers Conyers 😛

Rayven Michelle
Walking the talk, on our way to FREEING 200 babies from the sex trade! WOO HOO!

McCracken Family
In honor of Elena McCracken for graduating High School. We love you Elena, and are so PROUD of you!

Leslie Blake

Lisa B. Carrillo

Hilary Snyder
Stacy you’ve been a light on a hill for me and my children. You’ve change our lives, for this I am truly grateful and not surprised you’re stepping up to help those in dire need. May God Bless you and Stuart for leading the way for these children

Excited to be on this journey

Wyatt Crofts
Lets do this people!

alexander rivas

Lynne Kessler-Fallon

Kevin & Melissa Sieks
God Bless these children!

Patti Reiersgaard

Tom Stevens

Trish Roberts

David Marshall
Every little bit helps. Keep it coming even your last $10 that you were saving for that Dunkin Donuts weekly "gift to yourself". Well how about helping to save a twelve year old girl from having to have sex with a forty year old pervert hoping shell get t

Nicole & Danielle Houston
Thank you to King’s Ransom for helping these kids and thank you to Stacy and Stuart for matching donations!!! Making our Birthday Donation a TWIN Donation!!!

Ken and Heidi Knieling

Jenny Perales
Lets make a difference!

Lawrence & Cristina


Andrew Willaims

In HONOR of RAYVEN for her HUMILITY and DESIRE to see HERSELF and OTHERS be MORE than they were yesterday! Thank you RAYVEN for showing the way!

Shirleen Srader

Capri Mulder
We are committed to reaching this goal. We will not stop, we will not give up!

Hunter Boon
Well done!!!

Derek & Nicole
You guys are awesome. Such a great team working together for such a great cause.

Elyssa Williams
It’s pretty cool, that we get to FREE these kids together!

McCracken Family

Cindy McFaden


These are incredible people.  Help us help more kids.  Freeing these kids is dangerous work and once they are out the real work really begins as they heal.  We don’t have to get in there to do the dirty work unless we are inspired to.  But why work from home, why have a home based business if we aren’t helping others.


To Helping Someone Other Than Ourselves,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Giving even $10 dollars and liking this post on facebook makes you part of this team.  Why wouldn’t you help?  Join us and let’s help others!

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