What the Heck is DFI doing?



OK I should call Jackie and ask what the skinny is.

Here’s the email reprinted.

What is one thing that must happen for you to work from home and do it successfully? Do you want to increase your income from home? Part-time or Full-time? For the first time ever we have a completely unique experience being sponsored by DFI and it is open to everyone in the home based business world. We will have a very special, unique and open to the public training call this Thursday Night 10pm EST 712-338-8100 Pin 1989#

Invite your team if you want them to succeed. Invite your prospects if you want them to join you in DFI and invite the rest of the people you know who have a desire to become more. Who’s going to be on this call? Every single Six Figure Income earner in DFI and many industry wide, oh and our special guest as well. He has volunteered his time out of a busy career to share with each of us what he learned working from home in the Travel Industry that allowed him to start a brand new career in the financial services industry and bring in 8 million dollars in assets under management in less than 2 months.

He also created a 6 Figure income his first year in his home business and has every year he worked from home in the Travel Industry. Learn the details that made him successful and learn how to apply it to your business, job and life!

Thursday Night 10pm EST 712-338-8100 Pin 1989

This will be a history making night come be part of something bigger than us. By the END of the call we have been assured that this will be talked about all over not just our team but the .net.

Let’s rock our industry together!!!
MyDFILive Support Team

Yours Truly,

P.S. Guess I should listen in, might be interesting

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  1. Tina says:

    I'm totally excited about this! I'm gonna make sure I have pen and paper ready, sounds like the nuggets will be falling like crazy! I'm sure this is going to be an amazing call! Can't wait to see who this guest is!

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