What Will You Do Tomorrow Morning?


Mornings are powerful.  Each and every morning is the start of something big.  It’s the beginning of a journey and it eventually gets you to your destiny if used properly.  Each and ever morning is a new beginning, but most live through their morning with no plan or understanding.  Mornings should be used very specifically if you desire building wealth, living debt-free or having a lifestyle of freedom and happiness.  What did you do with your morning today?

Most people unintentionally waste each and every morning.  Living it as Dani Johnson says most people live, life by default not by design.  Every morning is a brand new start.  Hopefully you knew it would happen even before you went to sleep, ideally you took steps the previous day to ensure that this morning (which was a gift) was used effectively to reach your destiny. Eventually those gifts stop happening, when that happens did you live the destiny you were designed for?  Or did you live it paycheck to paycheck, always struggling and always stressed… living and working for someone else and never benefitting you or your family? Do you know someone who lived their entire life like that? Are you ok with that being you?

When you wake up you should already know an immediate action step in your life.  Something more than brushing your teeth and getting the kids off to school.  Do you want to earn extra money to go on vacation? Do you want to pay of your debt? Would you like to increase your income and not be stressed out?  What did you make a plan to do right away to get one small step closer? If you have a desire for your life and it’s important to you.  Did you take a step toward it today?  People say they want to work from home, be debt-free or travel the world. But the truth is based off of their actions it’s more enjoyable to pay your debt, work for someone else and never travel but just simply think about it.  Every morning is a gift given that sets up the rest of your day and eventually sets up the rest of your life.  Most are content living their morning, for their current boss and creditors, because they never take any real concrete steps on their own.

Are you happy? Are you debt-free? Do you get to build memories with your kids the way you want? Do you get to give your time to others to help volunteering doing good things for other people?  Do you even have time to do the things you would like? Do you desire the ability to work from home and schedule your life versus someone else telling you when to work and when you are allowed to spend time with your family?

Don’t let tomorrow morning pass you by without a plan to do something different!
Live the life you want to live now!
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. The human being is the most amazing thing God ever designed!

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