Our Life is Determined by What We Do


Dani Johnson teaches a concept at her events and she explains it so well even though it came from John Eldgridge. (author of Wild at Heart)   What Dani Johnson talks about is the desire that is in us reveals the design and the design reveals the destiny.  That is how the Great Creator designed it.  We can’t argue with that concept animals were designed with all the parts for their desires.  An eagle has wings to soar and a lion has claws and fangs to hunt. 

Animals have something known as an animal instinct as well.  So they don’t think about, hesitate, contemplate to articulate why they won’t to follow the desires of there heart.  Humans have this incredible gift along with their design called a free will.  That free will allows them the “choice” to follow the desires of their heart or they can choose to stick with the comfort zone of their day to day grind.  Humans can choose to mute their desires.  They will never completely go away but they will minimize the cry of their heart and say things like.

“I was so dumb to think I could be wealthy one day, only lucky people do that.”  “Or you have to be born into the right family.”  “Everyone works long hours and never gets to spend time with there family, there’s no way I could tour Europe for a month or take 30-40-50 day cruise.” 

I have a question for you if everyone works those long hours and if everyone is struggling.  How come companies sale millions and millions of dollars worth of 30+ day tours and vacations around the world? What do those people have that allows them to do something so fun, exciting and different?  They had a desire and they took the steps that allowed them to maximize how God designed them.

The enemy will always fool you into saying, “Maybe one day I’ll….. maybe when I retire.”  The fact is today is your day and tomorrow may never come.  Allow your desire to cry out, it reveals how wonderfully you were made and your destiny will be exposed.  YOU HAVE no idea who you will meet, what business venture, opportunity or friendship may come out of that 30 day vacation.

Let’s Vacation Together!
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Special thanks to Dani Johnson for showing, explaining and mentoring me in a way that I got it!

P.P.S. Homework Alert: Do a Google search for World Cruises or Month or more cruises and/or tours.  God Bless.

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