When is The Last Time You Made a Difference?


In someone else’s life knowing you won’t get anything back or gain anything in that moment?  You can be have all the money in the world and still be broke if you are not touching, impacting and helping bless other people’s lives.  Now I’m not saying you have to live like a pauper but when you gain money and influence you were designed to be a good steward of it.  The same source that says that also says when you can be trusted with the little things you will be made ruler over much!

What are you doing with your little things?

Why have a home business or any business and not make an impact?

The most rewarding thing I’ve ever seen is the impact real success has on someone’s life.  Capri Mulder is an amazing example.  A woman who’s path I first crossed through business and her heart from day one is incredible.  It’s easy to see why she had success.  When Capri and I first met she was making 17,000 a year working in a chocolate factory. In her first 30 days she made over 19,400 dollars.  Back then I wrote an article about it. 

Capri Mulder proved she could be trusted with the little things.  And continued on to make 119,000 dollars her first year.  Today she’s helping a friend raise money via her business and influence to get a kidney. Her heart has inspired me and I’m always looking for a place to give.  I don’t know Jeffery from Adam but I know he’s a human being that God created that is in need.  I’m matching dollar for dollar this weekend and there isn’t much time left. 

Watch the video and then contribute.  Like this post, share it and repost it.  Let’s spread the word you can do your part even if you have nothing to give.  Let’s show Agape Love to a dad, son, friend and someone special God created just like you and me. (Donate Now)  I will match everything given by the end of today.  Dollar for Dollar.

Money is great and we all like to use it to better our lives absolutely.  But it’s so much more than that.  It’s a tool, it makes a more of who we are.  Let’s show who we are and get this kidney done! AMEN!

Capri Mulder thank you for giving me that privilege to work with you when we met 2 years ago.  You have grown so much  It’s an honor to have been able to watch your success and influence grow this far.  I will always support you and do what ever I can possibly do to contribute to your success. 

You could be the next Capri Mulder what are you doing with your little things?


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Remember the deadline for giving is today!  I may have never met Jeffery but let’s give him a Kidney.  Donate now!

P.P.S.  Do something to help even if you aren’t ready to give.  Like this post, share it, tweet it and let’s spread the word.  Or you can donate and pass the word!

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