Where Are You?


On the path of success, wealth, enjoyment and happiness?  You probably made a goal for 2012 around New Years?  How far are you on that goal?  Have you given up?  (NEVER give up no one will help you get their if you aren’t giving your all)

We are at the end of February and this is always a good time to see if you are generating the income that you want?  Do you have the time freedom you deserve?  Has your stress decreased?  Are you going to be able to have a fun Christmas this year and not have to worry like you did in 2011?  What have you don’t to satisfy your New Year’s resolutions?  There are only 3 outcomes.


1.  You have reached all your goals and dreams?  (Chances are you won the lottery or something) In most cases if it only took you a month an a half to reach your goals I would say first congrats and second a goal is just a step on a long journey quickly identify your next step.  Tackle that next goal like you just did your New Year’s Resolution.  You’ve proven you are decisive and action oriented way to get it done.  Now keep it up.


2.  Most likely you’ve reached some stage of your goal.  You looked for another job or you started a home business to increase your income, or at least you’ve done some research?  Maybe you are not as close you as you would like to be.  In many cases no matter what your goal was it’s called take action.  Focus briefly on what your life will be like if you don’t act on that next step to accomplish your desires?  What would it look like when you reach that New Year’s resolution finally?  What will it feel like?

Don’t get frustrated we are only in the 2nd month of a 12 month timeline, it’s still the beginning.  But the beginning is what makes a difference.  The first step was a decision at the beginning of the year.  The second comes at the beginning of every week or month as you reflect on what you want to do.  The biggest key though is the beginning of each day, regardless of what you did yesterday what are you going to do with this new beginning today to get closer to your goal?  Get closer ever day!


3.  Maybe you thought about your goal around New Year’s but you really haven’t done anything about it yet.  If that’s the case you have one of two issues.  Either you are in a rut in life and you truly are comfortable in that rut even if you are not happy.  There is a desire in your heart for a reason.  God put that desire in you and it has a purpose.  Obey that purpose for you, it’s why you are not happy.  It’s because you have not fulfilled your destiny.

The second reason is fear.  Fear holds you back, fear hinders the desires of your heart.  They key to overcoming fear is understanding where the source is.  Fear is not from God so it must be from? Hell?  Satan will never put fear in front of a door he knows you will fail at. 

IT does not matter if you are in a rut or you have dealt with some fear.  The way to get out of it is simply that first step.  Break out of that rut bust through that door that has fear in front of it.  LIke Dani Johnson says you would not have that desire to do something great if you were not designed to do something great.


Have a Blessed 2012,
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Rm jordan says:

    Thanks for that Godsent reminder! God bless you & family!

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