Who Are the Incredible People You Work With?


Half the fun in life is the people you work with.  Who are they?  What do they desire? What is their story? Who do they want to become and where do they want to go?  One of the greatest things I get to do is meet incredible people.  People I would have never known if it wasn’t for having a home business and working on the phone.

Recently for fun I decided to start a program for people that work from home in coastal travel and it was called the Executive Mentor Group.  The purpose was to find people in coastal travel that wanted more success.  I didn’t charge for my time, I make plenty of money but I set standards so I could teach them what I do.  Their results in just 3 weeks have been stellar.  But what is most exciting is I have the chance to actually work with the most amazing people and we get to become friends.

The following are incredible, but they are also driven, focused, excited, have awesome hearts, leaders and above all else down to earth and real!  Special congrats to the current Executive Mentor Group who has earned a total of $131,135 in profit combined. That is a total of $1,928.45 per person on average in 3 weeks.

Betsy Beach
April Leitzsch
Becky Steekley
Kim Oxford
Dana Morgan
Nico & JudithKaren Eymard
Linda Heffner
Bryant Cayton
Derek and Veronika Ott
Jordanna Shean
Mindy Sartin
Melinda Stortenbecker
Richard Birney-Smith
Kristin Osberg
Clara Phillips
Steven Elenich
Belinda Peirece
Toni Cloud
Jolynn Skarin
Jon Wells
Douglas Lecero
Jeremy Mcgrath
Sandra French
Renee Triesler
Christina Moyer
Scherl Zamary
Vivian Hays
Christina Scott
Terri Cofer
Linda Allen
Kim Boyd
Noelle Heffner
Trish Roberts
Cristina Scott
Beth McNeely
Merry Lynn Sheperd
Lee Ann Frasier
Jenny Copeland
Joelle Auble
Thomas Ott
Heather LeFoll
Carolyn Cornelius
Mintra Lewis
Gary Mach
Jenet Gregory O’Mara
Alex Fanjul
Teresa Kessie
Mary Smith
Daniel King
Jackie O’Quinn
Natalie White
Meggan Larson
Beverly North
Shane Houston
Paul Baker
Kathy Brown
Margot Henderson
Andrea DeRego
Hilary Snyder
Alethea Robertson
Joanie Snaith
Valerie Parakin
Sarah Henderson
Michelle Mast
Olivia Cornelious
Kimberly Bixby
Dianne McGuigian
Shawn Scheppele
Angela Lasher
Anthony Ngere

While this is just the beginning.  Many of them are brand new but the fact that each have submitted to accountability, strategic coaching and guidance with a slant toward helping others speaks volumes about how incredible they really are. It is a privilege and an honor that you would each allow me to work so closely with you.  It feels like we are on a roller coaster and you are in the front row and because of you I have the second seat and get to watch all the thrills of your journey upfront and personal.

This is only the beginning and I’m confident as a team we will surpass $100,000 dollars in weekly income. It will take a constant desire to work 20 hours a week, consistent effort and you do that I promise I will provide the direction as needed.  We can do it AS A TEAM!

If you are working with anyone one of the above directors you are not only working with a great person you are working with one of the best in the home business industry.  Each of them has proven their desire and professionalism.  They are TRUE LEADERS WHO WALK THE WALK not just talk the talk. The fact is leadership is not a title it’s a way of life.  Who do you help and who can you impact? They each understand that.

All the success you earn you deserve,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Thanks for allowing us to work together, become friends and change the world for the better together!

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