What is the Key to Your Next Level of Success?


We often learn Godly Spiritual principles in church or the Bible and we seem to easily see how they are applied to our spiritual lives but maybe not our every day life.  But the key to your success in business regardless if you have a legitimate home business or any business venture is learning how to apply GRACE. There are three may main areas we need to apply GRACE.  Including but not limited to our self, our business opportunity or revenue stream, as well as those we work with and we maybe trying to help get started and finally those we maybe helping to succeed. 

First we must give GRACE to ourselves. To often as we start a new business venture or have a goal to reach that next level of success we will fall down and struggle with a new challenge that is always inevitable. Then we get frustrated and we begin to make excuses, procrastinate, delay and find reasons to justify our “lack” of success.  Never allowing GRACE for ourselves doesn’t allow us to improve it just allows us to get frustrated and create a new “reason” (excuse) on why something doesn’t work.  People who want to lose wait and diet often times stop to early because they don’t have the will power or self control and they slip up and mess up.  Without GRACE they eventually give up.  GRACE says, “Oops I didn’t do as good as I should have but I will do better tomorrow.” With out GRACE it’s like crap I screwed that up I’ll start again next Monday or next month vs the next day and at some point we never start back before long we will fail.

Second area we need GRACE is with our opportunity or revenue stream those we look up to that have come before us.  If you know you have a legitimate home business and you are following a simple duplicated path that 1000’s have done before you never ever allow your frustration to build.  Give GRACE to that business venture and that Leader before you it works you don’t have to have a bad day and mentally disprove it, which is what happens with out GRACE.  GRACE says today wasn’t good but tomorrow will be better and it’s not the companies fault or the last person you got advice from either.  GRACE is given to us so we can give GRACE to others. 

Finally those we teach may need GRACE.  Those that maybe slower those that have challenges in some area of their life that slows them down or hinders them in some way or simply those that are just new all need GRACE.  Dani Johnson is my coach and mentor there are times I know she knows I was doing something foolishly in my business but she gave me GRACE not judgment or condemnation.  Her GRACE allowed me to grow freely and allowed me to prosper faster.  Allow people to make mistakes like you did any real mentor in your life has shown GRACE.  Have you ever had a real mentor?  Without Dani Johnson and her God given GRACE it would not have felt like a save environment to grow.  Through her example as I work with others I know how to give GRACE to those I am Blessed to work with.  To pull the best out of other people remember always show plenty of GRACE.

Proof that we can have GRACE is that GRACE was given to us by our Lord and Savior and we didn’t deserve it. There for we can give GRACE back to others and sow GRACE in other areas of our life.


God Bless You and Your Family,
Stacy O’Quinn 

P.S.  A great reminder of the GRACE we desperately need.

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