Why a Career Change SO SUDDENLY!


….Didn’t mean to leave you hanging with the last post. Okay well sorta. You see I heard once that when text contains more than 5 words most people start to scan. Even a five word sentence most peoples eyes are starting to scan. The first word than the last word and everything in between last.

Most of you that are hangin‘ did not even read the entire last post but you emailed, facebooked or IM’ed that you wanted to know the rest. SEE IT WAS TOO DANG LONG!

OK so do you really want to know why the SUDDEN CAREER CHANGE?

Because it is something I really have wanted to do for a really really long time. I know that’s not a flashy statement but it’s true. Have you ever wanted to do something and then told yourself that for what ever reason you can’t? Maybe the timing is wrong? Maybe you can’t afford it? Maybe your kids are too young? or too old? Maybe now you may think you are too old?

If you can relate to any of those questions or have been in that situation than you have also experienced FEAR CREATING AN EXCUSE for you as well!

IT all came together at once. I started using my success with DFI and Coastal as a reason why I could not do what I’ve always wanted. Who else would? It was safe? It was secure? DFI and Coastal was the simplest money I ever made in my life and I do have a family I have to feed.

I’ve heard Hans Johnson say before that when you experience FEAR you have to attack it. So I did! I said a prayer and made a decision that will CHANGE MY LIFE FOR EVER!

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Hurry do it now and I’ll give you a hint about what I’m doing

Stay Tuned!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. HINT: I have one thing in common with DFI still other than my friends. I’m still helping people make money!

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  1. Tina says:

    Dude! You are the king of building and creating curiousity!!! Sure do miss hearing ya on the calls!!

    Love Ya!!

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